Why would a vegetarian still eat dairy from an animal but not the meat?

InnerPeace Asked: Why would a vegetarian still eat dairy from an animal but not the meat?

Think about it.If your going to avoid animals then do it right!All the way.

Who agrees?:-)


Fyre Fayre Answered:
Meat the animal dies dairy the animal lives

Kandi Partin Answered:
Well dairy isn't hurting the animal. It's actually helping it. For example, Cows absolutely love being milked.

Dr Dakota Block Answered:
LOL, you're so dumb, meat is THE ANIMAL, dairy is FROM the animal, I don't want to eat flesh thank you very much, ick.

Common Sense Answered:
You're an idiot. Cows HAVE to be milked. It doesn't hurt them.

Zz Ryguy Answered:
They don't eat meat because the animals must be killed to get the meat. They eat the dairy because it can be obtained without killing the animal

Emmy Answered:
vegans avoid animals completely, vegetarians dont eat meat.

Jason Answered:
It would depend on why they are vegetarian.
I know vegetarians that are only that way bc Meat makes them ill

Paloma Hernandez Answered:
There are several reason to become vegetarian and not all are moral. Some are health reasons. And contrary to what other people are saying, milking cows for human use DOES hurt the cow because they are make to produce more milk than is natural and they are milked way more than they should be.

kathleen Answered:
If your eating meat from an animal it means they had to kill the animal, tearhissing skin, and remove the muscle and fat to eat. When you milk an animal no harm is done and they remain the same. And second I'm a vegitarian and we are no different and just cause we don't eat meat doesn't mean we don't have dairy products. And third I am doing it right!!!!!

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