Why do people think i’m gay?

Asked: Why do people think i’m gay?

Here's the deal – I know i'm someone who would be considered "weird" by most people. I don't like conventional stuff – I don't watch sports, TV shows etc or mainstream music. I don't like going clubbing or going for a drink "with the lads". I am a fan of astrology, i'm a vegetarian and prefer to go for a walk by the seaside or in a scenic garden. I also have a keen interest in tantrism and healthy living.

I have always sucked at getting girls, and after seeing people suffer so much from failed relationships, stds etc I would rather pick my partner carefully and go for more than just looks and having a laugh if I want to raise a family successfully, those things are good, but I feel that there's more to a relationship than simply having fun at a superficial level.

I don't share my thoughts or ideals with anyone, but they seem to be obsessed with my personal life and am convinced that i'm gay. I don't get it, how does my lifestyle seem to correlate with being sexually attracted to the same gender?
I'm baffled.


Do you whistle show tunes and rearrange furniture?

You're not gay. You're just a pussy.

If they are obsessed with you then you must be doing something right.

you are being stereotyped … ignorant people do that to justify their prejudices …

Just ignore them. But people have certain perceptions of how a gay person is, looks, type of things they might do (just dumb stereotypes.)

I know it's sad but if all that didn't exist half of the worlds problem would be solved. It's unfortunate.

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