Why can’t vegetarians eat marshmallows?

C Vva la accpac Asked: Why can’t vegetarians eat marshmallows?

Someone said that vegetarians don't eat marshmallows.



Dont Ask Stupid Questions Answered:
Because most marshmallows are made with gelatin- which is made from ground up animal bones/cartilage.

Peter Davies Answered:
Vegans do not eat marshmallows because of an animal byproduct that is one of the ingredients, Gelatin. Some vegetarians eat marshmallows, some dont.

Lonnah Answered:
Most marshmallow contain gelatin, but you can find vegetarian marshmallows at Whole Foods or other health food stores.

valeilla17 Answered:
Well am not a vegetarian anymore cause my fuc**** family couldn't accept it cause they said I was ungrateful and my father would always make me feel bad which now thinking about it I want to XP him. Well yOu get use to it. It takes discipline if yOu love meet but if you really want it if will happened i don't have the will lol after I tried meet again I couldn't put it down. But I will try again. Something that made me stop was seeing the disgusting things animals were stuffed with. Knowing what they eat before they die how they make the meat fat. Let's just say you are getting unprescribed drugs everyday if you eat meat every night

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