Why being a vegetarian is unhealthy?

Daniella J Asked: Why being a vegetarian is unhealthy?

I have to do a persuasive essay about why being a vegetarian is not a health benefit and that it's better to eat meat. I have to have three reasons, so far I have two.
Number one is that you don't get as much protein
Number two is that it can effect people and your family eating habits and your outdoor eating habits.
What could number three be? Please dont give me any websites or a really long response. Please help, thanks!!!


Napoleon Answered:
Humans require protein from the meat to survive.

Nadia Answered:
Being a vegetarian can becme unhealthy when and if one is what I like to call a " starchatarian". This means that one consumes too much starch (bread, potatoes, rice) instead of having a wide variety of vegetables. You need vegetation to survive.

Daisy Answered:
Iron. Veggies contain non heme iron. Heme iron in animal foods is much easier for your body to absorb and use.


Angel Casipe Answered:
because human needs protein..
if example you have scars,wounds,etc.
protein will help to heal quickly that infected area.
so you need to eat meats…

SwanFox Answered:
Vegetarian and especially vegan diets are often deficient in vitamins B12,D,A (retinol) iron,& essential fatty acids(EPA and DHA) which are found in animal derived foods. Most have to take supplements of these nutrients.

Deer Hunter Answered:
The vegetarian diet has no more benefits than any other well balanced diet. But if someone has money and access to grocery stores the vegetarian diet can be very healthy.

wbitt15774 Answered:
I disagree. My husband has been a vegetarian for 12 years and he gets most of his protein from eating Morningstar and Boca products.

A Morningstar burger has 26g of protein in a single serving.

Boca meatless crumble (used in place of beef) has 13g of protein in a single serving.

An added bonus is these products have 50% to 90% less fat than the meat they are replacing.

morningstarfarms.com and bocafoods.com for more info.

Not unhealthy at all.

xAndreax Answered:
Honestly, it isn't any unhealthier than an omnivore diet. It can be unhealthy if a vegetarian resorts to eating pasta and cheese pizza all the time, instead of reasonable food to get nutrients.

Plant iron is a little harder to absorb, and you'll have to eat some more of it to get the recommended amount of iron daily. Dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and almonds contain high iron for being plant foods.

usergkfjdk Answered:
Whoever created this prompt is either misinformed or is trick questioning you. Whatever diet you're on there's a source of certain vitamins, proteins, etc. in any food nowadays. With the ability to process food, these "healthy" ingredients can be artificially provided. We are no longer hunter and gatherer's that can only eat strictly meat (carnivore) or plants (vegetarian). Arguably, vegetarians can be even MORE healthy than meat-eaters. It's prompts like these that the meat industry smirk about.

Moojoo Answered:
Vegetarian diets can also be deficient in essential fats, especially saturated fats, which are essential to heart health (in the proper amounts). Vegetarians can get those fats from milk, cheese, eggs, etc. but vegans can't.

This is also why young children should NEVER be on a vegan diet (vegetarian can be ok if the parents really know what they're doing and doctors are involved and whathaveyou). Cholesterol is ONLY found in animal products. Children NEED cholesterol for healthy brain development, since they can't make all they need from other fats.

You might also mention that it was when primates began eating meat that there was a huge leap in their intelligence, eventually leading to our evolution.

oliviazski13 Answered:
Well it isn't unhealthy… but only if a person has a good vegetarian diet.
I assume you're talking about a bad vegetarian diet (as in eating too much cheese, eggs, starches, sweets, etc.) or you just don't know what you're talking about.
I guess a reasons that a BAD VEGETARIAN DIET is unhealthy would be that you may not get enough vitamins.

Missy Answered:
Hate to break it to you, but being a vegetarian is perfectly healthy. There are many health benefits from being a vegetarian, such as being at a lower risk of developing: Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and some forms of cancer. This is because a healthy vegetarian diet is typically high in fiber and low in fat. Tofu is very high in protein, and combining it with whole grains will fulfill your protein needs. If you watch your diet, a vegetarian lifestyle is very healthy and possible.

Sheila Answered:
Is it too late to change it to "Vegetarian diets can be healthy"?Because there's actually more in favour of a veg diet than against it.Your first point, protein, is a fallacy – there is protein in plenty of plant foods by way of amino acids.Your second point – it can affect (not effect) people in a healthy way.It can cause a family to investigate BETTER eating habits.And what are outdoor eating habits?I can eat the same foods outdoors as indoors.I can always get a vegetarian meal at restaurants.Vegetarians eat all the same foods as other omnivores, apart from the flesh and other bodily parts.They substitute other foods instead – and these other foods are often better for you than meat, which is known to cause bowel cancer and blocked arteries.

So, I think you will need to welcome, rather than spurn, long answers because your essay is dangerously short of facts at the moment.You should also check any websites that people link, as they may add to your knowledge.

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