What’s going on with him? Why did he delete his dating profile account?

Aras Asked: What’s going on with him? Why did he delete his dating profile account?

I went on a date with a guy I met online two days ago. He deleted his account yesterday. I haven't heard from him since because he works 40 hours a week AND a full time student. I thought the date went well. I mean, he opened the door for me, paid for my dinner.. he even ate no meat (I'm a vegetarian) even though I said it's fine that he didn't have to. Well, he talked about his life, future, goals, and I talked about mine etc. And we talked about how he plays the cello and I play the violin and viola. You know I thought we had a lot in common. But I haven't heard from him since. Is he doing the "two day" rule thing? Where they don't talk for two or three days? Or is he not interested? Sure there were some quiet moments, but mostly in the car. (I'm a quiet/shy person!) But that's normal really for someone to be having a first date. Also, why did he delete his account?


Troglodyte32 Answered:
He possibly found that you were the right woman and no longer needed the account. If he is working a full week and also going to school then finding time could be difficult. Give it a few days then give him a quick shout and ask about meeting again.

On the other hand he may not want to be contacted again and is trying to avoid you. He may have been looking for some extra bodily contact and didn't get it so feels downtrodden about the date. Give it a few days then give him a shout and ask for a quickie.

Laura Answered:
No, they come in all shapes and sizes.

CurlyHaired Slacker Answered:
No, all gay guys are not like that. He is just one feminine gay guy. There are some masculine gay guys as well.

Jamez Answered:
No you should not apply this implication to every gay person, not every straight person acts the same so why would every gay person act the same, we are all people with different values and attitudes.

Don't stereotype gay people if you only know one gay guy who just happens to be a feminine guy, you don't know every gay guy, we aren't all the same.

Severeign Answered:
It's wise never to make general assumptions on the observations of individuals.

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