What do you say when someone asks you why your veg*n, but you don’t want to start an argument?

Griswald Pickett Asked: What do you say when someone asks you why your veg*n, but you don’t want to start an argument?

i was out to lunch with a friend and her mom and they asked why and i really didn't want to go into it because i know that everyone has different opinions and belifes under their belt so explaining something like veganism is always touchy. The mom also tried to tell me how there was a type of vegetarian that eats fish (i said no, there isnt but she insisted there was so i dropped it) how would you handle this?


Andypandyiscool Answered:
there is a vegetarian that eats fish. my grandad is one and I'm thinking of becoming one. pescatarian or something like that..

I'd handle it by throwing a lamb in their faces and said how can you eat the poor lickle lamb, he's so cute!

then there is the argument that my boyfriend has.. if god didn't want us to eat it, it wouldn't be on earth

but then you could argue about eating cats, dogs and other pets and you win 😀

ol Answered:
"Personal reasons".

If they continue to push, try asking them some personal questions and see how they like it. "What religion are you?" "Why?" "Did you know there's a religion that worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster?"

That should demonstrate why their questions are inappropriate.

Alex Answered:
Simply say that you have your reasons for your choice in diet and that you do not wish to discuss them as doing so often leads to an argument and you just want to enjoy your meal in peace.

Or if you're out with someone for a mean replace that last bit with "just want to enjoy a meal with a friend and not get into a peeing contest over the merits of one diet over another."

Tilly Answered:
Just say it's my choice in what I eat and I believe in being a vegan so that's my choice I won't go into it because everyone has different views on this but please respect my decision!
I eat meat myself but I would never judge or cause an argument because a person having different views than me my
Mums been a
Vegetarian since I was little it's her choice nothing to do with anyone else!
Hope that helps u
Thanks and good luck

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