What did going vegan/vegetarian do for your body?

Theresa Asked: What did going vegan/vegetarian do for your body?

When you went veggie what changes did your body go through? was it for the better or for worse? why did you go veggie?

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friendofchip Answered:
None. it's when I started eating healthier that I noticed anything. You can vegetarian yourself overnigth and still eat fried food, chips, pizza and Wagon Wheels all day.

Vegan the same, you really can eat Oreos and chips and be vegan. It's deciding to buy salad instead of a pastry that will do it. Common sense, putting your health over your greedy ego ( not just you, most people do that at some point).

Island Spirit Answered:
First thing I noticed was a sense of inner peace and joy, then all my allergies disappeared and never came back, lost fat and retained lean muscle, cellulite went away.Became vegan 2 years ago, because it's cruel to animals, healthier not to eat animals, kinder to our planet's natural resources.

Childs Play 2 Answered:
it made me weak and I was atrophied.

I eat raw meat nowadays

vegan biologist Answered:
I was malnourished at the time because despite the fact I was a chef I was still pretty young (24) and had never looked after myself. I never ate breakfast and never cooked at home, I'd eat a steak sandy at work or get take away. So I put on weight, got more colour in my skin and improved muscle tone/overall physique. This was all ruined 3 years later when I went was put on a medication which decreased my metabolism and I put on 10kg in one month (which I've never lost) but the initial positive changes were due to better nutrition rather than just not eating meats.

cantabrigian Answered:
Mushrooms are fungi, which are now considered to be a separate biological Kingdom, different from both plants and animals. If anything fungi are genetically closer to animals than to plants.

As to their classification in religious ceremonies, I can't help you.

Barney Stinson Answered:
Mushroom is 100% veg,
But one of my jain friend says its non-veg for them

Vegan Answered:
Mushroom itself is 100% vegetable.

Princess of a King Answered:
It is a fungas.

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