What can you cook on a BBQ for vegetarians?

Asked: What can you cook on a BBQ for vegetarians?

Other than veggie sausages, burgers etc…


You can get those stick things that you use to make shish kabobs. But instead of putting meat on it, but some veggies. And after you BBQ them, they're so good.

I did a web search for "vegetarian barbecue" and came up with more than 16 million websites.Click on the link below for the results.

My mums vegetarian so we usually slice up potatoes and put some mild paprika…, mushroom capsicum and onion skewrs usually with oil and a nt of garlic and oregano…
Vegetarian or vegan though? Usually some vegetarians eat seafood so somevgarlic marinated prawns or fish fillets with lemon chilli and parsley.. Depends on the person.. Grilled rustic bread with olive oil and sliced tomato and spanish onion is soo yum…
Just eperiment with veges and marinates or depending on the person, seafood…

Ronnie gave a good answer about the veggies kebabs on skewer sticks. You could add almost any type of veg, such as red pepper, mushroom, onion…you could even add some tofu, if that's to your tastes.

Many times I simply slice a courgette (zucchini) to get about 1cm thin strips, then grill them. Simple but tasty.

U don't just have to do mock-meat things like quorn and all that, you can make normal foods too. Like loads of delicious side dishes and falafels. I recommend making home made piteously bread with falafels and hummus as it can be a super tasty food choice. But I would add a few mock-meats like Linda McCartney vegetarian meats which are really good. Make potato food and lots of dips and snack things like nachos and salsa for mini side dishes. I can't really think of anything else because most things that go on the actual BBQ are either real or mock meats. Look up vegetarian BBQ dishes on google, as there are sure to be answers there.

corn on the cob and potatos wrapped in foil and buried in the coals -best slightly charred and dripping with butter or olive oil

ANY veggie cooks well on a grill.
So do portebello mushrooms.

You could make grilled vegetable kabobs or even BBQ-style tofu:

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