What can a vegetarian have on a BBQ?

Emma Asked: What can a vegetarian have on a BBQ?

I'm having a BBQ tonight and I'm not sure what I should have on it. I don't like quorn burgers, sausages, etc. I like all vegetables and potato things. What could I buy to put on it?


Alexanders Mummy Answered:
Corn on the cob, I don't like Quorn but Asda do some lovely vegetarian meat that really tastes like meat, you could do 'kebabs' with things like pepper, tomato etc.

empathy Answered:
mushrooms, the big kind.
hash browns
vegetable fritters

Arthur Answered:
How about halloumi or tofu kebabs.

RAZAK Answered:
BBQ vegetables

Lynn Answered:
I always refer to this page when I'm looking for inspiration for a veggie bbq. Makes my mouth water just drooling over the photos.


Kirstin Answered:
Marinated veg on skewers. Try chunks of mushrooms, peppers, onions, cherry tomato etc tossed in a bit of olive oil and herbs and put on skewers on the bbq. Happy days.

I also love Sainsburys spicy bean quarterpounders, loaded with salad and relish…even my toddler loves them.

Kris Answered:
If you are a vegetarian that eats fish there is NOTHING better than bbq'd salmon steaks. 7 minutes skin side down and 4 minutes on the non-skin side. Let it sit for 5 minutes with a piece of tin foil over it for the meat to 'cure' as I call it.

This is a perfect salmon steak, you will be amazed at the taste. Just make sure its wild pacific salmon and not farmed salmon from the atlantic. BC salmon is the best (British Columbia, Canada)

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