Was hindu God Ram a non-vegetarian ?

DrJaya Asked: Was hindu God Ram a non-vegetarian ?

It is mentioned in Ayodhya Khand of ramayan, verses 20,26 and 94 that when Rama was sent for vanvas he told his mother that he would have to sacrifice his tasty meat dishes. If Rama had to sacrifice his tasty meat dishes it meant that Rama had likeness for meat. what is your opinion?


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Ribbi Answered:
Answers right in front of you, the hell you need opinions?

Ask Agony Uncle Answered:
Hmmm maybe… if its written, then yes

anwar Answered:
yes he has been hunt to deer

The Khan Answered:

kim kum Answered:
He eated meat in jungle,but he is not god,

Objective ist Answered:
All I can say, Stop reading Muslim or McDonald's written Ramayan. These verses were added later by some morons. read authentic ones. He was pure vegetarian and do you understand " God's work through mysterious way" ? When God manifest in human form he act like a humans, chasing deer, drinking water, learning languags etc. all were just God's leela. He never reveals him self to humans.

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