Vegetarians/vegans: do you eat chicken or meat flavored potato chips?

230artists Asked: Vegetarians/vegans: do you eat chicken or meat flavored potato chips?

I'm a vegetarian, and me and my friends were discussing this the other day. I don't eat anything that has to do with meat – including meat/chicken flavored chips.
I was wondering if there are any vegetarians or vegans who do…or don't…whatever?


Kaybee Answered:
I'm 25 and been a vegetarian since I was 7. I eat meat flavoured crisps. Mainly cos they taste good. But they have to say suitable for vegetarians on them. Can't have any meat produce in it. Nothing wrong with having them cos most people are vegetarians because of animal cruelty not the fact that they don't like the taste of meat. If they didn't like the taste of meat and the question was asked about eating crisps I doubt they would eat them at all 🙂

carly Answered:
im not responding exactly your questions but i know a person who does not eat beef, you know like the hindus do, and she not eat a nissin soup flavored with cow hahaha. and i was like omg this cannot be true

paul Answered:
just a heads up Bacon is becoming a vegetable

Dayana Answered:
NO! Meat flavored chips are not vegetarian.

Linzee Answered:
I'm a vegan, and I've never even heard of meat flavored potato chips. If they contained any animal by-products, I would not consume them.

but i do eat ANIMAL CRACKERS <3

Daryl T Answered:
sometimes, i enjoy barbeque type crisps, sometimes its 'grilled steak' or something else , they arent meat, so i dont see the problem

i know i know i know Answered:
Yes and no. For example, I know one chicken flavoured chip that has chicken fat, and another type that has not animal products at all. While I obviously wouldn't eat the one with the chicken fat, I have no problem with the taste of the vegan one and so I do eat it.

However, even if it is vegan and you just don't like the taste or the thought of meat flavoured chips, don't have it. There nothing wrong with that 🙂

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