Vegetarians. i need your tips and ideas ?

animal reborn Asked: Vegetarians. i need your tips and ideas ?

im going with a group of friends for a barbecue later today. the sun's out and were heading to the beach.
im the only veggie in our group, so i wont be eating what they are, but i don't want to feel totally left out. is there anything apart from veggie burgers you can recommend ?
i don't like quorn or soya.


Are you paranoid Answered:
Bake potatoa. Fry up some eggs.

ilovevulcans Answered:
I was a veggie too until i got pregnant. Like you i was the only one in a group that was veggie and always felt a little left out at BBQ. My own favourite was vegetable kebabs, usually some courgette, onion, butternut squash and peppers. Also corn on the cob is nice with a bbq.

Samantha D Answered:
What about Frys? They have vegetarian sausages that are delicious! You could try BBQing vegetables, eggplant is delicious!

Butterflies Answered:
Do vegetable kababs using mushrooms, courgette, cherry tomatoes, aubergine and sweet potato

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