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Explore the rich Indian vegetarian recipes from different crier of the country and make your menu special. The country is the land of taste and food. Whether you want to make something special for vegetarian or non-vegetarian guest the wide range of items from different places will make your hunt for dishes easy. Try flavors of Punjab for a perfect meal. Try different recipes for veg from the land of Punjab and please your guest with the exotic flavor and healthy food.Zeera rice recipes
âEUR¢ 1 cup Basmati rice âEUR¢ 2 tsp Zeera (cumin seeds) âEUR¢ 2 tbsp Cashew nuts âEUR¢ 3 Whole peppersâEUR¢ 2 Bay leafs âEUR¢ 3 Cloves âEUR¢ 2 Cinnamon sticks âEUR¢ 1 Onions, sliced âEUR¢ 2 tbsp GheeâEUR¢ Salt to TasteHow to make zeera rice:âEUR¢ Wash the rice and soak in water for half an hour.âEUR¢ Heat ghee in a heavy pan, fry cashew nuts until brown. Put them aside.âEUR¢ Add onions, bay leafs, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, peppercorns to the same ghee and fry for 2 minutes.âEUR¢ Mix the rice, salt, water and stir. Cover with a lid and simmer the flame.âEUR¢ Cook for 7 to 10 minutes.âEUR¢ Serve zeera rice hot with any spicy curry.Aloo ke Masaledar lachcheâEUR¢ 1/2 tsp red chili powderâEUR¢ oil for frying (preferably mustard oil)âEUR¢ salt to taste âEUR¢ 8 big size potatoesâEUR¢ 1/2 tsp cumin powderâEUR¢ 1/4 tsp dry mango powderâEUR¢ 1/2 tsp chaat masalaHow to make aloo ke masaledar lacche:âEUR¢ Take off the potatoes, wash and cut into fine matchsticks or grate.âEUR¢ Soak in cold water for minimum 1 hour, change the water twice.âEUR¢ Remove and pat dry on a towel.âEUR¢ Heat the oil in a kadhai.âEUR¢ Fry handful of potato matchsticks at a time, stir it constantly to keep them separate.âEUR¢ Remove when they turned pale golden and spread on a tissue paper to take off excess oil.âEUR¢ Mix rest of the ingredients salt, red chili powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder and chaat masala.
âEUR¢ Sprinkle this masala mixture over the fried potatoes while they are still hot.âEUR¢ Serve it hot with tea or cool and store in an airtight container.âEUR¢ It will keep for a week.
Your guests are going to love this tea time snack.The rich Indian food culture has something for everyone. Browse the treasury and pick any recipes for veg. the Healthy Food Recipes are good for health as well.
Your guests are going to love this tea time snack.The rich Indian food culture has something for everyone. Browse the treasury and pick any recipes for veg. the Healthy Food Recipes are good for health as well.

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Tasty Vegetarian Recipes

While making the decision to become a vegetarian is a personal choice and can be done for physical, mental, or spiritual reasons, here are some great reasons that can make the decision to become a vegetarian easier.

Many vegetarians choose this lifestyle for ethical reasons. They are animal lovers and do not want to take any part in harming a living creature. When a person chooses not to buy and eat meat products, they are sending out a message to the corporations that operate “factory farms”, that they will not support inhumane treatment of animals. When animals are slaughtered, it is violent and usually done by hanging the animal upside down and slitting its throat. Animals contained on these so-called “farms” are also enclosed in cramped quarters where they cannot move and have no access to fresh water and sunshine. Many of these unfortunate creatures die either in cages or on their way to be slaughtered. When you learn of these things, you realize that by not eating meat, it is a small sacrifice compared to what the poor animal must endure.

A plant-based diet is also wonderful for health reasons. Acne can clear up and be replaced by glowing skin. You will be more fit and trim compared to someone that eats meat. There are few, if any, obese vegetarians. Coronary disease risk is cut almost in half. The risk of diabetes is reduced. Type ii diabetes is a serious, growing problem among adults and youth in the United States.

Plants contain the majority of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies to be strong and healthy. From Omega-3’s to complex carbohydrates, plants have it all. Plants contain fiber and that is something that is sorely lacking from the American diet. Fiber is needed to help move wastes through the body so they can be eliminated. Elimination is important and this function helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Many meat products have been found to contain parasites and bacteria. It wasn’t too long ago that mad cow disease made headlines around the world. Who hasn’t heard of foot and mouth disease? These are some scary things to face for a meat-eater, even if the risk of being affected by them is low.

Why Go Vegetarian

A vegetarian diet is probably one of the most effective weight loss diets. If you want to permanently lose weight and improve your health, a vegetarian diet might be your best choice.

Becoming a vegetarian is actually a lifestyle change. It is a very crucial decision to make. Most people decide to go vegetarian because they have been struggling over the years to shed off excess weight, to no avail. Going vegetarian definitely entails commitment and lots of patience.

Having a vegetarian diet will still require you to make well-thought off plans and decisions with regards to changing your eating habits.

In order for weight loss diets to be successful, in general, you will need to have a lot of patience because changes cannot be effected right away. Shifting to a vegetarian diet can be as difficult, especially if you are not a vegetarian to begin with. Going vegetarian is a decision. Your patience will definitely be tested as you go about your daily routine. Not everybody is vegetarian. You will surely be surrounded by people who have meat in their meals. This is going to be the biggest obstacle you need to hurdle.

If you decide to become a vegetarian, you will need to start evaluating what is inside your refrigerator and your cupboard. First off, take out all meat products from the refrigerator, as well as from your pantry. Do this to avoid temptations right in your own kitchen. You will have to replace them with foods that are included in your vegetarian diet plan. Being a vegetarian actually requires a lot of work, the second step being making a trip to the grocery store.

You will be in for a challenge since groceries have different forms of meat products. First thing you need to do is find out where the vegetable products are and go straight to it. You need to be committed in everything you do.

Vegetarian Recipes

the art of cooking encompasses many different types of foods from a variety of countries. Each of these countries that you will find recipes for has an interesting way of cooking these foods. The numerous ways that you can cook vegetables will also be documented in the various vegetarian recipes that you can find.

These recipes will show you the different ingredients that you will need to make starters, appetizers, main course dishes, side dishes, salads, vegetarian pastas and lasagnas. You can also find many interesting desserts and drinks which are ideal for use in everyday living as well as for those of you who are on a diet.

When you look at these many vegetarian recipes you will see there are various vegetables that you can use. For the most part these items will not be too difficult or expensive to find. The kitchen implements can be ones that you already have. Here you may have to do some improvising to get the results that the vegetarian recipes indicate.

A few of the vegetarian recipes that you will find will help you to cut down on cholesterol producing meats by showing you vegetable alternates. These alternates will be used in some of the vegetarian recipes which are available.

You will also find great tasting vegetarian recipes which will show you some interesting various on the main dish of any meal. These will be ones that you have at some point heard of. You should see about trying ones of these just to see how the flavor explodes on your taste buds.

The internet will be a great source of vegetarian recipes that you can easily try out. The added advantage is that you will be able to look for these various recipes from a number of different countries. Your cook books and specialty vegetarian recipe cook books are another source that you can use to look for the different vegetarian recipes that you are planning on make.

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Keep Your Kids Healthy With Vegetarian Recipes for Kids

Planning healthy meals for your family members is tricky. Nowadays most of the families are turning to vegetarianism. Hence, it becomes all the more difficult for the homemaker to plan the vegetarian meals. The meals should be tasty and at the same time they should be healthy for your family. Kids are always your focal point of worry in regards to food. They should be given proper nutrition for better growth. There are many vegetarian recipes for kids which they would love to eat and find them tasty, if presented in an interesting form. Vegetarian meals if prepared properly can taste the best and kids/family members can like the taste of it.

Veg everywhere

The vegetarian recipes for kids are devoid of red and white meat. The vegetarian food consists of fibers, minerals and vitamins. It is always good to find veg recipes which can be incorporated into the daily diet of your child containing proteins. Most of the kids are choosy while eating food especially the green vegetables.

The Vegetarian recipes for kids can be prepared or cooked by frying, sauting, steaming and also making them half boiled. These methods help to maintain the essential nutrients in the vegetables. The essential vitamins like A, B and C are not lost and there are many minerals like zinc, iodine and calcium which are good for the kids to make them healthier and stronger.

It has been always noted that the Vegetarian recipes for kids prepared from green vegetables provides the children with more red blood cells which increases the immunity in the kids to fight against various diseases. There are few things which should be kept in mind while preparing the vegetarian recipes for kids. You have to change the ingredients of the dish at least on an alternate day; so that kids do not get bored eating the same thing. Add different kind of spices to the dish so that the dish tastes different every day. You can preferably use soya based meal if the child is more inclined to eat non vegetarian foods.

When preparing the Gluten free recipes for kids you should involve your child in the preparation of the dish; so when the child is involved they start liking for the vegetables and shall automatically start eating the vegetarian dish. Allow them to choose the vegetables on their own. When you dress the table after preparation of the vegetarian recipes for kids allow them to make various shapes from the vegetables; in short make them more engrossed in the food preparation so that they start loving the recipe. Always cook the meals which are appreciated by the kids and gradually add more vegetables.

Happy cooking!

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Vegetarian recipes – easy and deliciously meatless

Deliciously meatless meals made from vegetarian recipes which include many varieties of beans and peppers more than compensate for the lack of protein which would otherwise be included as an element of a meat prolific diet. Beans is the common name for the large plant seeds of several genera of the family Fabaceae, and are to be found growing wild and in a cultivated state on every continent of the planet barring the southern continent of Antarctica.

Beans in all their cultivar guises are one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet, and have been an integral element of dietary sustenance for thousands of years and were gathered in their wild state in the foothills of the Himalayas for centuries by the local indigenous people. The oldest domesticated and cultivated variety of beans currently confirmed by documentary and archeological evidence is from the second millennium BC in Peru, South America.

Beans are high in fibrous content and as such are exceptionally good for digestive tract health, and combined with high levels of protein, complex carbohydrates, folate and iron they are an excellent provider of most of the compounds and elements required for a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Low in saturated fats but containing unsaturated fats, they are especially beneficial as an element of a diet designed for people suffering from high cholesterol, and can help reduce the bad cholesterol which is the cause of raised blood pressure and other cardio vascular health related issues.

Vegetarian recipes which incorporate peppers in their many guises, along with beans and green vegetables which include but are not limited to cabbage, broccoli and other broad leaved plants provide all the nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals which are required as part of a healthy diet.

In most vegetarian recipes eggs and dairy related products such as milk and cheese are permitted, although in more strict vegetarianism the complete avoidance of any food product related to living creatures is strictly observed. Traditional foods which have long been regarded as staples in mainstream vegetarianism include but are not restricted to cereals/grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and soy products which include tofu and tempeh which are common sources of protein

SW Beans is the premier supplier of beans in the United States and as such is committed to providing high quality, premium bean products that meet the needs to today’s modern consumers. Their product is well suited to Vegetarian recipes and there are many examples to be found on their website. Log on today for hints, tips and full blown recipes as well as informative video presentation to help on your way. The address for all info and details is

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Need Tips for Cooking Vegetarian Recipes?

Food is the need of every human there are many different types of food cooked by the people with different taste. There are mainly two types of food vegetarian and flesh food. Vegetarian food is cooked from vegetable and is very good for health. Flesh food is made up of flesh of the animals and there are many harmful side effects of the food.

Vegetarian food:

It is made from vegetables and grains.
There are no major side effects of this food.
Vegetarian food is good for health and it satisfies all the nutrients and minerals required by the body.
There are many vegetables and grains grown by the farmer and are used to make vegetarian food.
Some of the major vegetables and grains:
Cauli flower.

Major vegetarian food is made up of these vegetables and grains. There are many other grains and vegetables that are used to cook and eat.

All these vegetables and grains are full of different vital nutrients and are very useful for the body.
These vegetables and grains are very easy to cook.
Grains and vegetables and grown in the farm and then they are cultivated or harvested and then available in the market to sell.
Vegetables and grains are easily available in the market.
Some of the vegetables are seasonal vegetables and are available only in the season.

Cooking Vegetarian Recipes—2

There are many types of recipes made by vegetables and grains. The use of spices and other useful ingredient play a major role in the taste of the recipes.

First you have to wash these vegetables and grains with water and clean them.
Now you have to cut the vegetables in small pieces with the knife.
You need to keep the grains in water for some period of time.
All the vegetables and grains are cooked in oil.
You have to take the oil in the frying pan and heat it now you have to put the vegetables as per the recipe of different types of vegetarian food.
There are number of spices used to make delicious vegetarian recipe.
Onion, garlic, ginger paste is used to make the vegetarian food delicious.

Cooking Vegetarian Recipes is very easy and less time taking job. You need to decide which vegetable you want to cook and follow the recipe of that particular vegetable. Use the spices and other ingredient as prescribed or needed to cook the recipe. The use of salt is as per the taste of the individual. Any simple vegetarian food recipe can be cooked in thirty minutes or forty five minutes time. There are many delicious recipes cooked with the different vegetables. You can easily cook these recipes at your home and enjoy with your family and friends.

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Easily turn Vegetarian Recipes and Bean recipes into Regular Meat Recipes

Vegetarian recipes which include bean varieties such as black beans, white beans, kidney or butter beans; in fact any variety of beans can easily and quickly be converted into regular recipes containing meat products such as beef, chicken, pork, venison or lamb.

Vegetarian recipes which include any or many varieties of beans are great for digestive health, containing plenty of fiber and the protein helps build healthy muscle tissue which is essential in growing kids.

But don’t try telling kids that vegetarian recipes or meat recipes that contain black, white, kidney pinto or garbanzo bean varieties are healthy or they will never eat them, just tell them they are tasty and that their favorite TV character or super hero eats it and that should be enough to see them wolfing it down.

Seriously though, vegetarian recipes which include beans are a great source of protein and fiber which young, growing and developing bodies need in abundance to keep their energy levels high to cope with the rigors of daily life.

Every bean variety is naturally low in total fat and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol which can lead to poor circulation and related health issues.

Eating beans prepared in vegetarian recipes provide essential and significant nutrients such as calcium, iron, folic acid and potassium as well as fiber and protein as previously mentioned; indeed the majority of bean varieties in point of fact have more fiber than most whole grain foods.

It is officially recommended that adults should consume three cups of beans a week and yet the average weekly adult intake is well below one cup per week.

All bean varieties fall into two groups of the USDA food guide, both vegetable and protein and a half-cup serving of prepared and cooked dried beans count as a single one-ounce serving of vegetables in that group.

Beans in a vegetarian recipe or regular food recipe make great main meals, soup dishes, dips and side plates as well as entrees and indeed mixed to make a spicy bean cake recipe.

Beans are an underestimated food and nutrition source, but it wasn’t always so, they were a staple in cooking many years ago, being both cheap and plentiful and today nothing has changed on that score.

Try them; there really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain both in increased energy and improved digestive health. You, your family and friends will love the end results.

For truly nutritious vegetarian recipes that incorporate black, kidney, white and/or many other varieties of beans that will not cost the earth, and are simple to prepare and even easier to eat, log on to today.

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