Vegetarian Is God’s Plan for His People

These opinions conflict in the said groups, even among their peers. What does God say on this subject? Genesis 1:29 shows God speaking to Adam and Eve where he outlines the perfect diet for his newly created children. “Behold, l have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for meat.” Herb bearing seed refers to grains, legumes and seeds. Fruit of a tree yielding seed refers to fruit and nuts.
In Genesis 3:18, the Bible speaks of another food that was introduced after 5 sin entered. “Thou shall eat the herb of the field.” This verse is referring to vegetables, especially the greens. Notice the last phrase of Gen 1:29 “…to you it shall be for meat.” The newer versions state more accurately ~ “…food”. It is in the seed that we find the protein component of food. The seed is the reproductive part of the plant, a bit like a chicken egg. To be able to reproduce, the seed must contain all the essential amino acids that make up protein, otherwise life could not come out of a seed. Here God is stressing the importance of protein.

I would like us to consider some scientific facts about protein. The membrane surrounding every cell in the body is 50% protein and 50% fat. The DNA in the nucleus of the cell is programmed to repair and uses amino acids to repair.
The little furnace inside the cell where glucose and oxygen are burnt to produce energy is conducted through a chain of chemical reactions which all require different amino acids. The neurotransmitters which are the chemical messengers relaying communications from nerve cell to nerve cell are made up of amino acids.
The liver is designed to break up poisons, converting them from a fat soluble state to a water soluble state enabling them to be easily released out of the body via the sweat glands and the urine. This is accomplished in three phases. In the second phase the metabolite produced in phase one is joined together with amino acids. This union creates the water soluble state. Without sufficient protein the amino acids are not available and so toxic build up results in the body. This is one of the causes of sickness today. Many proteins function as enzymes. Examples of these are salivary amylase, pepsin and lactase, which are enzymes involved in the digestion of food. No wonder God said the seed with all its amino acids is important. In Australia and New Zealand today a large amount of people are eating meat from animals to get their protein. ls this a viable option? How does it compare with vegetable protein? There is no mention of animal protein in the Garden of Eden. There was no death and only through the death of an animal can the meat be available. There are many negatives surrounding the death of an animal for meat. Was the animal diseased or well? Disease abounds in the animal kingdom with a large proportion raised in feed lots and. production lines. This results in environmental poisons, antibiotics, growth stimulants and a lack of proper food, to name a few. Animals experience fear. When the overcrowded trucks arrive at the abattoirs the animals smell blood and death. The fear it experiences affects the meat. Diseased body parts are discarded. The rest of the body is used with the same blood and tissue that was previously connected to the diseased sections.Mad Cows Disease is alive and well. The prions that cause MCD cannot be destroyed. Many cases of alziemers and senile dementia are MCD. Howard Lyman, a fourth generation cattle farmer who ran feed lot operations for twenty years, expertly shows the dangers of meat eating and the real threat of MCD in his book Mad Cowboy.The gastro intestinal tract of humans is not designed for meat digestion.