vegetarian and eats bugs?

I break for worms Asked: vegetarian and eats bugs?

My friend is a vegetarian, but he likes eating insects. He says that they aren't tortured as bad as animals, and can reproduce faster than most animals, and are higher in protein than most meat. I know someone who eats no meat but fish is a pescatarian. But is there a name for a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat except for insects?


Shan Answered:
I believe the word you are looking for is "Entomophagist".Entomo = insects, Phagist = one who eats.

Holly Myles Answered:
Eating insects are weird and alot more insects die than animals, and alot the time they slowly die after getting a electric shock they can't recover from, sometimes they are tortured as much as animals.
Also any true vegetarian would not eat ANY animal, and insects are animals

Kera Answered:
If he eats bugs he's not vegetarian…simple as that. Same as someone who eats fish is not a vegetarian, even though they might like to claim otherwise.

Lynn Answered:
Your friend can call himself whatever he likes, but he's no vegetarian.

Amy Answered:
The correct name is "hypocrite". Same as for the "pescetarians".

Weiwei Answered:
insects are so sick

tyler Answered:
yes its stupid

TillLindemannBaby Answered:
I am a Non-Vegetarian.

Never in my life will I give up my steak meals.

Nook Answered:
Non Vagetarian
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Axis Softech Answered:
Vegetarian forlike my whole life

Gaara Answered:
Non vegetarian.

Abhi Asha Answered:

Adam Lambert Answered:

MISTA L Answered:
I am non-vegetarian. I like fish items.

NekoAlchemy Answered:
Non Vegetarian!! 😀

mohammed Answered:

missindependent16 Answered:
I eat meat, especially red.

Satish Answered:
a vegetarian

Sand Castles Answered:
I am Non Vegetarian
and my favorite dishes Butter Chicken and Tandory Chicken

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