vegan/vegetarian comebacks?

Georgie gal Asked: vegan/vegetarian comebacks?

Please help i need some come backs for these comments, questions and scenarios

meat eater somehow finds out i am vegan. they approach me and say 'are you a vegan?'
me: 'yeah'
meat eater: are you?
me: yes
meat eater: seriously?
me: yes!!
meat eater: whoa

friend says: 'why are you vegan?'
me: cuz i like animals
friend: i like animals too but i also like eating them. you should eat meat, like chicken. its delicious'

meat eater: 'what do you eat? do you only eat vegetables?'


annoying friend asks: 'why are you vegan?'other friend says to her: 'don't you think it's kind of rude to ask that?'
(other friend knows i am sensitive to questions about being vegan)
I say to the annoying friend: 'i do find it kind of rude…kidding!'
(i only say im kidding because i didn't want her to feel bad, but know i do)

pls tell me some more snappy comebacks. i'd appreciate it


Mr Turtle Answered:
Tell them you don't like the taste of meat and it kind of is like having a dead body in your mouth.You could also assure them that there are other ways to get protein.

That guy that did that thing Answered:
A right jab and a left cross- lights out

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