Three nose bleeds in less than 12 hours?

Yvonne Petten Asked: Three nose bleeds in less than 12 hours?

Recently I've become a vegetarian, and yesterday I got a nose bleed. I haven't gotten a nose bleed since…. I don't even think I've gotten one before. but I was a vegetarian before, for almost a year and then I stopped and it's before a year after that…. is me being a vegetarian the cause of my nose bleeds?


Scotto Answered:
yes, you must go out and kill something and eat it…

NO seriously it might be a dozen of other reasons, Dry air, a cold, picking too forcefully, etc.

Live To ride Answered:
You should go to the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong

Meredith Mccord Answered:
could be anything try a nasal moisturizer if that doesn't work wait a few days if its still happening go see your doctor and in the mean time but really cheap white bread like the kind you press down on and it stays with your hand print yeah ball it up and put it in your nose the stuff really absorbs

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