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i dont want to live with my parents anymore…?

Asked: i dont want to live with my parents anymore…?

i know this might sound really silly but im sick of living with my parents, im 19 years old and i get treated worse than my 9 year old sis, im in university (second year translation student), my parents have plans for me when i graduate and stuff, i keep telling them i wanna live my own life, its bad enough living WITH them and under their rules…etc my parents wont let me drive, they dont let me stay over at my friend's house after 7:30 pm they put a password for the TV cuz my sisters have studying and stuff, so obviously if i wanna watch anything like any other living being on this planet i have to ask…no BEG them to put the password in, they wont let me be a vegetarian, they dont let me work cuz they say it might effect my studying, i have to tell them where i am all the time, i have to ask to go out with friends, my mum HATES me and i know you guys might be like "no she doesnt all mums are like that" be shes different, my own sisters see how badly she treats me. i used to cut because of the **** life im living however ive stopped cutting for about 6 months now…im afraid that i might begin cutting again or even kill myself. i dont hate my parents i just dont want them to have complete control over me, they lecture me ALL the time for things like: laziness, sloppiness…etc they dont know what im going through just seeing everyone around me have a normal life EXCEPT ME!!!! ive thought about running away but the thing is i have absolutely nowhere to go, noone to go to. besides they might find me cuz i'll still have to go to UNI…so please if you have any advice on what to do before i completely burst )":

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Posted by vegrecipes - February 5, 2013 at 2:00 am

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