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Vegetarian Thai Food, Mushroom Laab, cooking lesson

Duncan Robertson from the TV series "Duncan's Thai Kitchen" cooks a vegetarian Mushroom Laab on location at the Bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand. This dish is a sensation, full of healthy…

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Posted by vegrecipes - April 28, 2014 at 3:00 pm

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Alexandra Jamieson [Wikipedia Article]

Alexandra Jamieson is a natural foods chef, author, speaker, TV personality, and holistic health counselor. She married her long-time boyfriend, Morgan Spurl…

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Posted by vegrecipes - September 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm

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How do I get rid of this fear (Anxiety)?

Asked: How do I get rid of this fear (Anxiety)?

Yes, I am posting this in two sections. I just want as much help as I can right now!

I have bad Anxiety, and I always have silly little fears that usually end up going away after a while, but I have this one fear… get ready for it… of getting an eating disorder. I've seen how an eating disorder can ruin one's life since one of my family members has one, and I guess I'm just scared of my life being ruined by one as well. I eat normally and everything, so I know I don't have one. I do want to eat clean and healthy and start working out (full vegetarian diet) for health reasons, and I'm afraid that will lead to a disorder! Whenever I hear about an eating disorder on TV, I get an uneasy feeling and think about how "I may have one." Any advice on what to do? Thank you!!!!!

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Posted by vegrecipes - March 4, 2013 at 4:30 pm

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i dont want to live with my parents anymore…?

Asked: i dont want to live with my parents anymore…?

i know this might sound really silly but im sick of living with my parents, im 19 years old and i get treated worse than my 9 year old sis, im in university (second year translation student), my parents have plans for me when i graduate and stuff, i keep telling them i wanna live my own life, its bad enough living WITH them and under their rules…etc my parents wont let me drive, they dont let me stay over at my friend's house after 7:30 pm they put a password for the TV cuz my sisters have studying and stuff, so obviously if i wanna watch anything like any other living being on this planet i have to ask…no BEG them to put the password in, they wont let me be a vegetarian, they dont let me work cuz they say it might effect my studying, i have to tell them where i am all the time, i have to ask to go out with friends, my mum HATES me and i know you guys might be like "no she doesnt all mums are like that" be shes different, my own sisters see how badly she treats me. i used to cut because of the **** life im living however ive stopped cutting for about 6 months now…im afraid that i might begin cutting again or even kill myself. i dont hate my parents i just dont want them to have complete control over me, they lecture me ALL the time for things like: laziness, sloppiness…etc they dont know what im going through just seeing everyone around me have a normal life EXCEPT ME!!!! ive thought about running away but the thing is i have absolutely nowhere to go, noone to go to. besides they might find me cuz i'll still have to go to UNI…so please if you have any advice on what to do before i completely burst )":

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Posted by vegrecipes - February 5, 2013 at 2:00 am

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Why do people think i’m gay?

Asked: Why do people think i’m gay?

Here's the deal – I know i'm someone who would be considered "weird" by most people. I don't like conventional stuff – I don't watch sports, TV shows etc or mainstream music. I don't like going clubbing or going for a drink "with the lads". I am a fan of astrology, i'm a vegetarian and prefer to go for a walk by the seaside or in a scenic garden. I also have a keen interest in tantrism and healthy living.

I have always sucked at getting girls, and after seeing people suffer so much from failed relationships, stds etc I would rather pick my partner carefully and go for more than just looks and having a laugh if I want to raise a family successfully, those things are good, but I feel that there's more to a relationship than simply having fun at a superficial level.

I don't share my thoughts or ideals with anyone, but they seem to be obsessed with my personal life and am convinced that i'm gay. I don't get it, how does my lifestyle seem to correlate with being sexually attracted to the same gender?
I'm baffled.

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Posted by vegrecipes - January 29, 2013 at 11:00 am

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Hello! Answer my survey :)?

Asked: Hello! Answer my survey :)?

Hi. If you dont know me (or anything) I am SG (survey girl). heres a quick and small introduction. All the questions I will be posting here are going to be mostly surveys. I will TRY to post one every day. I will be doing special themed ones on holidays. ( maybe) I will try my best for special themed ones. And if I am too busy I wont do a survey that day. And will also TRY to make up for it. I will TRY MY BEST to do all of this. Okay, that's it. So, lets get started!! 😀
1. What so you prefer? Apple OR oranges? Oranges. They taste better, and juicy.
2. What do you prefer? Tv OR book? Both are okay.
3. Radio OR ipod? OR other? Ipod i can pick the song.
4 Brownjes OR chocolate chip cookies OR other? Omg i love both!!! : D
5. What colur is your bedroom? Grey, currently 🙁
6. Fill in the blank. I have a problem with ________. Bugs.
7. What scared you as a kid? Little tiny rollercoasters… Lol!
8. Whats worse, no tv or no music. This is hard, this is hard!! I cant answer this.
9. Birthday? Feb 4.
10. Meat eater OR vegetarian? Meat eater not a lot though very little.
11. Do you make your bed every morning? Yes.
12. Store bought gifts OR homemade? Well sometimes I do homemade but store boughts okay too.
13.What do you prefer? Wake up early or stay up late?I like both.
14. Any advice for a 5 year old? Study hard
LAST QUESTION: i dont understand ______ why we can be so selfish sometimes.
Sorry i only have 15 questions today, since I am kind of busy! So, i will pick the best answer like very late today!! – SG .

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Posted by vegrecipes - September 10, 2012 at 2:30 am

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Do I have Anemia????

Asked: Do I have Anemia????

First off, my period was almost two weeks late, and it has never been late before, then on the day it started, I fainted in school! My period are always really heavy and painful…

That was last week and since then I've been feeling so tired all the time, and I get loads of sleep every night but I just want to go back to bed!!!
My nails keep chipping and the skin around them keeps cracking also.
I am really really short of breath
I get really bad pains in my forehead almost like a migraine every day this lasts for hours.
I've also been getting some chest pain.

My temperature is always weird because I'm either really hot and sweaty, or either really really cold.
I'm also quite pale in complexion these days.

I'm 14 and a perfect weight for my height, I'm not vegetarian and I do eat really healthily and my parents don't believe me when I tell them I think I have it and they won't bring me for a blood test…. so is this anemia?!

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Posted by vegrecipes -  at 2:30 am

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Buddhism, Zen Meditation should not eat animal products?

Asked: Buddhism, Zen Meditation should not eat animal products?

I was told by a Buddhist monk that we should not eat animals products if we call ourselves Buddhist or practice Zen Meditation. He said that we are Fruitarians by nature and designed to eat Fruits/greens and some nuts and that we are primarily primates. He said that primates eat occasionally insects when they can't find fruits but if given the choice they prefer fruits. He said that Buddha was wrong in his teachings by permitting Buddhist monks to accept meals with fishes or meat in them. He said that one should not eat dead animals , that by doing so they are encouraging more killings and sufferings and therefore the diet is not compatible with the Buddhist views. He said that animal consummation leads to chronic diseases ( Cancers/heart diseases etc..) and that by itself should be a clear warning that we are not designed to eat animals products. He said that any Buddhist that is not a vegetarian/vegan should be ashamed of himself.

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Posted by vegrecipes - August 25, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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Hey guys! It's What I Ate Wednesday! 🙂 Sorry I didn't show my dessert…we were too lazy watching TV and eating to pick up the camera and film, ha ha ha! I will try and do a dinners/lunches of the week video soon. It just takes a little more planning 🙂 xoxo Thanks to blushinpixie for giving me a fig roll craving 😉 Pictures are on my blog! Don't forget to subscribe to my daily vlogs! Follow us on Twitter! Anna: Jofus: Be our friend on Facebook! 🙂 Ask me anything/submit video requests here! Subscribe to StyleHaul! Follow us on Instagram! TAGS: My Food Diary Daily Diet WhatIAteWednesday Fitness What I Ate Wednesday Today Banana Porridge Oatmeal Fruit Yoghurt Caprese Sandwich Salmon Potatoes Corn Grapes Cinnamon Blueberries Cooking Kitchen Healthy Health Pregnant 9 Months Eating For Two Baby Nutrition Vegetarian Pescetarian Dessert Yummy Weight Gain Loss Management Exercise Anna Saccone TheStyleDiet Lifestyle Guru Irish Italian Ireland Cork Naples Italy Joly LeFloofTV

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Posted by vegrecipes - August 17, 2012 at 8:30 am

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Diya Aur Baati Hum – 7th August 2012

Santosh gives ladoo to the judge. The judge sees the gift bag in her hand and thinks that she is bribing him to make Sooraj win the competition. The contestants are asked to cook a dish using chicken as the chief ingredient in the semi finals. Sooraj refuses to cook non-vegetarian food. His family watches the show on TV. The judge threatens to disqualify him from the competition for refusing to follow the rules. Santosh suspects that the judge is punishing Sooraj for her mistake.

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Posted by vegrecipes - August 8, 2012 at 4:30 am

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