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Why Is being a vegetarian or vegan better for the environment?

Asked: Why Is being a vegetarian or vegan better for the environment?

geography homework always seems the drag its way back around. But this time im generally interestedin the actual outcomes of being a vegeterian

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Posted by vegrecipes - April 24, 2013 at 4:30 am

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Vegetarian recipes – easy and deliciously meatless

Deliciously meatless meals made from vegetarian recipes which include many varieties of beans and peppers more than compensate for the lack of protein which would otherwise be included as an element of a meat prolific diet. Beans is the common name for the large plant seeds of several genera of the family Fabaceae, and are to be found growing wild and in a cultivated state on every continent of the planet barring the southern continent of Antarctica.

Beans in all their cultivar guises are one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet, and have been an integral element of dietary sustenance for thousands of years and were gathered in their wild state in the foothills of the Himalayas for centuries by the local indigenous people. The oldest domesticated and cultivated variety of beans currently confirmed by documentary and archeological evidence is from the second millennium BC in Peru, South America.

Beans are high in fibrous content and as such are exceptionally good for digestive tract health, and combined with high levels of protein, complex carbohydrates, folate and iron they are an excellent provider of most of the compounds and elements required for a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Low in saturated fats but containing unsaturated fats, they are especially beneficial as an element of a diet designed for people suffering from high cholesterol, and can help reduce the bad cholesterol which is the cause of raised blood pressure and other cardio vascular health related issues.

Vegetarian recipes which incorporate peppers in their many guises, along with beans and green vegetables which include but are not limited to cabbage, broccoli and other broad leaved plants provide all the nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals which are required as part of a healthy diet.

In most vegetarian recipes eggs and dairy related products such as milk and cheese are permitted, although in more strict vegetarianism the complete avoidance of any food product related to living creatures is strictly observed. Traditional foods which have long been regarded as staples in mainstream vegetarianism include but are not restricted to cereals/grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and soy products which include tofu and tempeh which are common sources of protein

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