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This Woman: Was/Is Les/Bi?

Asked: This Woman: Was/Is Les/Bi?

This woman: was/is lesbian or bi?
As a first disclaimer, I'm not trying to generalize, just going on tendencies I've noticed in many lesbians/bi's. I have absolutely nothing against them; I'm bi myself.

Ok, on to the question. I've known this woman for over a year, and during that time we've gotten pretty close (not like what you're probably thinking; we're quite different in age and she's married besides). Anyway, I've wanted to ask her about it for a long time but I wanted to see if others thought there's a possibility that she's les/bi. So here are some factors, For is reasons for one to think she may be, against is reasons to think she isn't:

*Wears bandanas frequently
*Wears boots all the time
*Deep voice
* Very masculine walk
*vague and mysterious past (very little info, even to those close to her)
*Uses rainbows/rainbow colors in her paintings
*Watches "masculine" shows/movies like Lonesome Dove, Django Unchained, etc.
* Competed until recently in events generally done by men (certain rodeo events)

*Married to man (but only for 3 years)
*Very occasionally wears skirts/dresses (literally no more than 3 times a year)

I don't know, For has more reasons and they are stronger reasons as well. It seems to me that she is/was les/bi, but what do you think?

-Again, no negative generalizations intended. Just pointing out some common characteristics she shares with some les/bi's.I understand many of these things will come across like that, but there was no other way for me to say it.-

Oh, and if you have any tips on how to ask her about it, please offer them. I really don't want our relationship to become awkward if she say's she isn't/wasn't. I'n thinking about coming out to her, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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