So… I got eaten out for the first time yesturday?

Asked: So… I got eaten out for the first time yesturday?

It was gr8
but he said I tasted sweet..
it confused me LOL
I was like.. really?
It was his first time doing it.. and he said he liked this taste..
Is this possible? To taste sweet? I'm a vegetarian.. does this make a difference? I'm just curious, does diet change the way you taste? LOL


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Answered:
Are u on here just to brag?

Hannah B Answered:
Sorry about the stretch marks; I have them too. Have you tried running or using a jump rope? Incorporating that cardio with some strength training will help you lose fat and burn muscle as long as you eat right. Don't starve yourself. Figure out how many calories per day someone your age, height, and weight needs. If you keep up a healthy lifestyle hopefully you will be happier with your body. Good luck 🙂

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