Small, vegetarian pet turtles?

unknownoo Asked: Small, vegetarian pet turtles?

I'm thinking about getting a small turtle.By small I mean SMALL.My moms friend has a turtle that's about 2 inches long.It's tiny.I haven't gotten around to asking what kind it is yet.

So before I set my mind on getting a small turtle, I have a few questions.

What kind of turtles stay SMALL?

How much do they cost to buy?

What kind are vegetarian – or are there any?

Do small turtles bite, and if so, how hard?

Can you hold turtles and carry them around?

How often do you need to clean their aquarium thing?

Do young turtles need to be played with (such as puppies or new born mammals)?

If you have any further info, please share!!Thanks!


Allanas Answered:
Well, none of them STAY that small.

Some small vegetarian turtles:
Red foot tortoise
Greek Tortoise
Chinese box turtle
Russian tortoise

ALL OF THEM WILL HAVE THEIR OWN SPECIAL NEEDS.It's up to you to research each kind and find out how to keep it.

Costs vary by area.Call around, or see if you have a breeder in your area

It's possible for any animal to bite.It just depends on the animal and the circumstances.

Yes, you can hold them, but it's more fun to watch them walk around.

Daily "spot cleaning" of poop and pee, and a weekly scrubbing is necessary.Their poop really stinks.You'll want to clean every day.

The more attention you give it, the better pet it will make….BUT turtles don't need socialization like baby mammals.

They're surprisingly fun pets.Each one has it's own little personality and they can be really funny.

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