Should I buy 2 separate ovens (otg & solo microwave) or should I buy one single covection microwave

Asked: Should I buy 2 separate ovens (otg & solo microwave) or should I buy one single covection microwave

I want to buy oven. I am fond of both baking and cooking. But I heard that you can bake things in otg but it will not be useful for many other cooking or heating food. While solo microwave is good for cooking certain microwave recipes and heating food, but it is not good for baking. And someone told me that convection microwave ovens are like all in one. They bake food as well as also perform microwave functions. SO now am confused that should I buy 2 separate ovens i.e should I buy one otg for baking and one solo microwave for cooking and heating or should I go for one single convection microwave.

The reason I am asking this because my friend says that though convection microwave are good for both baking and performing microwave functions, they don't bake food as good as otg…. Also convection microwave are not of good quality.

Is it true or is she just misguiding me…

And let me tell you that I like baking and cooking but not a passionate baker and I will NOT be using oven often because we are pure vegetarian and Indian and we mostly eat Indian food regularly and mostly we cook on stove but sometimes we like to prepare food like cake, cookies, pizza, pies, burritos, popcorn, macroni, frankie, and Indian food like like halwa, idli, dhokla, handwa, khandvi, paneer tikka etc.. So if we have oven at home it can make it easier.

Infact buying 2 seperate ovens is something I too find weird, but as my friend says that convection microwave don't give result like solo otg and solo microwave is what confuse me. So Should I buy single microwave with convection and grill oven or should I buy 2 separate otg and solo microwave..


I don't know what olg is, but combination ovens are always compromises and don't do either job as well as separate ovens do. The advantage is less space and (maybe) less money.

*Many years ago I had a combo microwave/convection oven. I absolutely loved! It baked perfectly, as well as the microwave was quick. I dont if it was just the company that made it or what. But the one i had was a very good oven! Now I can not find that combination. If I could, I would buy another one. You can always buy one, try it out, and if it doesn't suit you, return it.

Vegan for mostly ethical reasons.The health benefits are definitely on my mind though.

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