The SHISH KABOB SOLAR POWER COOKER circles around over a circular piece of aluminum (tin) reflective foil cut with a hole in the middle so the sun light reflects upwards as it collects the sun's energy to spin & slow-cook the food on-top around & around on teriyaki sticks. (aluminum foil not seen in this shoot) HERE's EASY & COST EFFECTIVE ROTISSERIE STYLE & YUMMY– SHRIMP, BEEF, CHICKEN, VEGETARIAN -(with free energy) George Foreman eat your heart out!!! You will love this homemade cooking style from the sun's energy. (pp) Rotating solar photovoltaics at high RPM's cools the cells and makes them more efficient at peak sunlight loads. We incorporate spinning solar cells at high velocity on wheels, wind turbines, and other power applications. This new product is available for licensing or franchising from Devonshire Wellsford, Corp. SEE: