Right so a diet plan for PCOS…help! Low GI?

lou Asked: Right so a diet plan for PCOS…help! Low GI?

I have PCOS and suffering with hair loss on the head (I'm only 18) I need to know what food is low in GI… Is Soreen malt loaf? This is my favourite! I eat an awful lot of salad, fruit and veg but at the same time I eat a lot of things like bread, pasta, potato, cereal, rice etc. I am also a vegetarian so can anyone suggest a supplement tablet so I can still get my vitamins?
Are things like chocolate divgestives ok to eat?
Any food suggestions?
I am not doing this for weight loss as I am already a skinny PCOS (44kg)
I just want natural ways to control hair loss without medication
Thanks 🙂


Mint Answered:
No Im not.

Shenzii Pottermore Answered:

Atheists Rule Answered:
almost, but I more closer to being a vegan then a vegetarian. My food choices are very restrictive compared to a vegetarian

Dan Answered:

M Rajendran Answered:
99%,61 years and the reason for vegetarians family !

PoEtRy Answered:
If it wasn't for chicken I'd be a veg! ;P

destroyed Answered:
Yes I am, have been for whole my life, so has my family,
cultural reaons

Nook Answered:
No, I'll eat anything in front of me.

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