Recipe for Lentil Yani as Pasha’s? 10 pts.?

Dimanta Asked: Recipe for Lentil Yani as Pasha’s? 10 pts.?

Does anyone know recipe for Lentil Yani (vegetarian) close to Pasha's restaurant one? I love this dish so much but can't find a recipe online. I have an idea what ingredients to use (lentils, celery, carrots, maybe onion or garlic, or tomatoe…?) but have no clue how! Thanks for help. 10 pts.


Derrick Rose Answered:
No!! Do not starve yourself to lose weight. It slows down your metabolism, to make you lose weight slower. Instead just eat a balanced diet and do exercise. But if your friends are telling you that you actually are skinny, you should probably trust them on it.
Hopes this helps 🙂

Sharon Answered:
You don't say your height, weight or age so there is no way to give you advice. Semi-starving is not the way to do by any means. Plus your setting yourself up for an eating disorder. As a matter of fact you are sounding very much like a person with or very near anorexia already. I think it is time to talk to your mom and dad and tell them what you have been doing. If you are of an unhealthy weight then there is no fast way to loose weight and keep off. For that you need the advice of a nutritionist. I am very sincere in advising you to talk to someone. If your parents don't respond with anything but platitudes about how pretty you are or dismiss your feelings about your obsession with your body image then talk to your school counselor or a trusted teacher. Anorexia is a deadly disease that takes over your life and needs to be addressed now before you get too thin. As a long time RN you sound on the verge to me.

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