Planning A Vegetarian BBQ

The British love a BBQ which is quite ironic given our normal weather conditions. In Australia, BBQs are commonplace and even Christmas day brings about many social BBQs and gets the whole family cooking and sharing together. However, Australians can plan their BBQs in advance due to their glorious summer weather, whereas we Brits find ourselves reacting to a glimpse of good weather and all rushing en masse to the local supermarkets to buy bread rolls and meat products. A BBQ doesn’t have to be all about meat though – they are many things that can be cooked for vegetarians too.
Veggie burgers. There are 2 types of veggie burgers – one is the meat substitute which looks, smells and tastes like meat. The other is a burger made from vegetables. If in doubt, choose the vegetable burgers, as some vegetarians don’t like the texture and smell of meat. Cook the same as normal burgers, flipping frequently. Serve in a roll with sauce.
Veggie hot dogs. Big brands sell vegetarian sausages. Make sure you spend a little bit more to ensure the sausage keeps in one piece on the BBQ – some cheaper veggie sausages will fall apart. Cook like normal sausages, turning frequently to avoid burning. Serve in a roll with onions and sauce.
Corn on the cob. Not just for vegetarians. Add a BBQ glaze to the corn on the cobs and grill on the BBQ, turning frequently. Add a knob of butter to melt on the corn for a perfect veggie treat.
BBQ baked beans – cook a tin of baked beans with chopped onions and a dash of Worcestershire sauce for some smoky flavoured beans. A perfect side dish.
Quorn. Buy the larger Quorn pieces and flash fry them on the BBQ to get the classic BBQ black lines. Toss the warm Quorn pieces with a huge salad, add a mango and chilli dressing and you will have a gorgeous vegetarian meal.
Vegetable kebabs. You can use any vegetables for this, but make sure they will stay robust during cooking. Take a skewer and thread on chunks of pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and repeat until the skewer is full. Brush on a glaze and cook on the BBQ. Serve with rice or a salad.
Just make sure you keep one wire rack for meat and one for vegetarian food and ensure utensils and BBQ accessories are not used for both.