Olive Oil For Leather Couch?

Firepheonix Asked: Olive Oil For Leather Couch?

so we have a leather couch (im not a big fan of it cause im a vegetarian but my mother loves it so much, has always wanted one, and paid a lot of money for her wonderful couch
so i was remembering something i read online
is it ok to treat a leather couch with olive oil?
our couch doesnt have any damage or anything it just has a few scuffs and i think it could look better so i was thinking as a little present i would give it a treatment to just make it look a little nicer
so what i was wondering, is it true that olive oil can be a good treatment for leather? or will it just damage and stain our couch? i really dont want to hurt it cause my mom loves it so much so i just want to be careful
can it be a good treatment?
thanks so much and if you know another home remedy please tell me thanks!


mindshift Answered:
There are lots of articles on the internet saying you can use olive oil for conditioning leather, but I found several that say olive oil is a bad idea.Furthermore, there are different types of leather with different finishes so olive oil may not work as well as you think it will.

If this couch is important to your mother, do NOT use anything without asking her for permission beforehand.Let her provide the leather conditioner, and you provide the labor.She will appreciate your effort.If you proceed without permission, and your effort goes wrong, how will she feel then?How will you feel if you damage her couch?

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