Non-dairy milk and cheese that taste similar to the real thing?

Asked: Non-dairy milk and cheese that taste similar to the real thing?

I am a vegetarian and would like to become vegan. The issue I have is that I am already a very picky eater and generally don't like fake meats or products made specifically for vegans (veggie dogs, soy milk etc.). The two main products I'm worried about are milk and cheese. I can't stand the taste of soy milk and have never tried non-dairy cheese.

What type of non-dairy milk and cheese taste the most similar to the regular milk and cheese?


Daiya Foods is a good alternative to cheese!.They have a variety of flavors. They taste good and are also good for cooking, they actually melt!

I don't like soy milk either. I actually make my own milk with almonds or cashews. Soak 1 cup overnight, strain and rinse, throw in a blender. Add 4 cups of water and some vanilla and either some sugar or dates and blend. To make it taste like cows milk use a LOT of sugar. Like a cup or nearly a cup, or 8 dates – it's shocking how sweet milk is. Strain in a coffee filter or muslin. Or you can just buy it.

I've only made my own cheese and cheese sauces, but daiya seems pretty popular. But if you're worried, I would say to stop eating dairy for a week or 2 so you forget the exact taste then try one. Apparently cheezley isn't too far off tasting like cheese, but it's not as good for melting.


I am a vegetarian and I use a lot of vegan products and the best non dairy cheese I can think of is free and easy cheese sauce as I love it in pasta bake.
also there is plenty of others I just haven't tried them 🙂
But there is also alternatives to soy milk such as hemp milk,almond milk,coconut milk they taste good maybe you would like them more.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

diaya cheese is great. try that

corn on the cob and potatos wrapped in foil and buried in the coals -best slightly charred and dripping with butter or olive oil

ANY veggie cooks well on a grill.
So do portebello mushrooms.

You could make grilled vegetable kabobs or even BBQ-style tofu:

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