Mushroom is veg or non-veg?

samir m Asked: Mushroom is veg or non-veg?

In Hinduism some people believe that mushroom is veg…but other also believe that mushroom are non-veg

I eat mushroom in any occasion & I belief mushroom is veg.
But I never seen any mushroom curry can be cooked in any temple or puja occasionSo I have doubt that mushroom is veg or non-veg…please help for a vegetarian


Phoenix Answered:
Mushroom is 100% Veg 🙂

They're delicious!

La Vie Boheme Answered:
It grows from the ground and is not an animal.Of course it's vegetarian friendly

Rick Answered:
100% fungus

Island Spirit Answered:
Mushrooms are fungi, not plants and do not undergo photosynthesis.

Rick Answered:
Well technically Mushrooms are fungi. But they are used as a vegetable and as a meat substitute. They are delicious.

cantabrigian Answered:
Mushrooms are fungi, which are now considered to be a separate biological Kingdom, different from both plants and animals. If anything fungi are genetically closer to animals than to plants.

As to their classification in religious ceremonies, I can't help you.

Barney Stinson Answered:
Mushroom is 100% veg,
But one of my jain friend says its non-veg for them

Vegan Answered:
Mushroom itself is 100% vegetable.

Princess of a King Answered:
It is a fungas.

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