Many smells make me extremely nauseous! why?

Chloe B Asked: Many smells make me extremely nauseous! why?

For the last two years or so manyyyyyyy smells make me super nauseous!! I've thrown up once or twice from it! I cant even look at milk anymore, the smell is soo horrible! Grass, lots of perfumes, fish and fish oil, tap water, old berries and old bread, cheese and yogurt, vitamins! all of that makes me really nauseous! Oh and especially vegetable oil! I'm 15, I'm definitely not pregnant haha! some sites have said zinc deficiancy, but taking zinc vitamins makes me nauseous! I have been a vegetarian since kindergarten if that makes a difference! does anyone have any idea's why this is happening? becuase its really annoying! scents also give me headaches easily and sometimes i get really shaky! it distracts me from school sometimes because i feel so horrible! i dont take any medicines regularly that it could be a side effect of! please help! much appreciated!


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