Is Nutella vegan, question about ingredients?

713 Asked: Is Nutella vegan, question about ingredients?

I know it's vegetarian, but is it vegan or not? Because it has sugar in it, and sugar is from bees, so it's NOT vegan, right? But then I know some vegans who eat peanut butter and that has sugar in it too!


Lars Answered:
Ok, so sugar is processed from a sugar cane plant to make sugar.Bees make honey, not sugar,So, Nutella is vegan.

MamaLuna Answered:
Sugar is from sugar cane not bees….honey is from bees. Sugar is vegan honey is not.
That being said I believe Nutella has dairy in it so it is not vegan safe.

Papaya Answered:
sugar doesnt come from bees… ahahaha
it comes from a big plant thing called sugar cane

and nutella isnt vegan. it has animal derived whey powder in it

Karatejoe Answered:
First of all, WTF. Sugar is not from bees. Honey is from bees. Sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets. Not bees, beets.
And to answer your question, I have absolutely no idea. I just wanted to make sure you know that sugar does not come from bees.

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