Is my boyfriend a gentleman? How to tell him politely?

Milo Asked: Is my boyfriend a gentleman? How to tell him politely?

When we go out to eat, he picks the restaurant and doesn't check to see if there will be anything for me to eat (I am a vegetarian). He let's me pay for the meal, even if I did not get to eat much due to lack of choices. These are expensive meals, sometimes $80.

He talks about his opinions a lot but rarely asks me mine. He won't stop talking so I just keep nodding and uh-huh-ing.

I cook for him, buy him gifts, but he never surprises me.

He does not show affection toward me in front of friends (we're in a new relationship so maybe he feels weird).

He wears completely wrinkled clothes everyday and thinks this is okay. He is a professional, he has an iron…

When I buy food, he eats most of mine. Sometimes without asking.

He never opens doors for me and only sometimes holds my hand.

When we are on a train or bus, he will rush to get off without even waiting for me.

I feel like he doesn't appreciate me but I love him. How do I communicate to him that he is not attentive enough…or do I just drop him? I thought he was the love of my life but reality slapped me in the face.


Kate Answered:
amazed that he is still your boyfriend. Not good enough.

Jenn Fraser Answered:
you need to have a talk with your boyfriend he is disrespting you and sounds like he is taking you for granted.

Mr E Answered:
sounds like a selfish swine. do you like pork that much?

Skadoodle Lafoodle Answered:
Drop him. Cuz if I had a bf and he treated me that way, I would tell him that he's being wrong. And if he doesn't start treatin me right, I will break up with him.

William Tad Answered:

LeighHarrison Answered:
Hey look, just tell him lightly. Never lie to your boyfriend, never hide things.

Maybe the fact that you've seen all this issues is well a sign that maybe you aren't the best together.

I can't cook for ****, but I do make food up for my boyfriend he makes up some stuff for me sometimes (He's an apprenticeship pastry chef so he doesn't really mind)

The friends thing, yeah maybe it's a bit weird for him at the minute, mine was the same at first but then VERY quickly settled down and seems pretty damn happy around them now (: and he loves my family XD

Men eat… thats what they do so yea, it's not just you there trust me. 😛 Mine always eats

He rarely opens the door for me but always holds my hand at any chance he gets…

Train or bus can't say much…

My boyfriend, bloody hell, he constantly wears the same stuff but I can't say much cause I'm just as bad, I don't iron my clothes or anything

As I said, maybe it just won't work 'cause you've found all the bad stuff. If you aren't 90% happy then drop him, you will always find faults. Tell him straight out, fair and square, then if he doesn't like it just leave.
Thats my advice but maybe I'm wrong.
I hope this helps, I wish you all the best!
good luck

Miss 6 Answered:
I would suggest dropping him. If you want to mess with him a little bit I would let him rush off and leave me on a train or bus. Then when he is upset or wonders what happened I would say well you always jump ahead of me and you never check to see where I am. IF this is something that doesn't open his eyes and invoke a conversation on how hetreats you and he doesn't change then RUN away!

Smiley Answered:
he doesn't sound like a gentlemen…

maybe you should tell him to ask for your opinions, and to surprize you every once in a while.

if that doesnt work… dump him, i guess.

im sure you deserve better.

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