Is McAlister’s veggie chili vegetarian/vegan?

emberfly Asked: Is McAlister’s veggie chili vegetarian/vegan?

I always call in and order it to go.. and when I do, I say "vegetarian chili," and on their menu it has the little "tomato" symbol next to it signifying that it's vegetarian… but I don't know.. I'm paranoid about it because of the weird meat-looking strands in it. Some are clearly carrots because they are orange.. but there are whitish ones, too.. that remind me of my cat's Savory Shreds cat food (YUCK VOMIT EW)

So.. what do you think?


Jackie Mober Answered:

Sean Lolan Answered:
vegetarian chilis often have TVP in them ( texured vegable protien) this means it will be alot like meat but is (fake meat).

if it says it's vegetarian it should be. read the ingreaidents?

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