i’m doing p90x will i get results if don’t eat any meat?

Shane Asked: i’m doing p90x will i get results if don’t eat any meat?

if i go vegetarian and don't eat any meat but drink protein shakes will i still get great results.


Some guy Answered:
Well as long as you get eat healthy, but beans, nuts and other things are great alternatives, but I guess meat is the way to go for protein.

Mike Answered:
stick with whey protein..sow lowers testosterone.

Perfection Queenie Answered:
Yes but most protein shakes have whey in it but some vegetarians still eat whey.
I'm really strong for a vegan and I know quite a few body builders and trainers who are also vegan!

Nathan Answered:
If ur trying to build lean muscle, then all u need is protein, unsatatred and satatred fats. And yes u can use protein shakes to build muscle. To see better and quicker results, drink chocolate milk, eat bannas, and a lot of chicken after a workout, to gain quicker lean muscle. Get enough rest plus eat healthy and u will see great results in about a month. Good luck!

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