I’m a vegetarian, can i eat animal crackers?

Erin Leeansgrjas Asked: I’m a vegetarian, can i eat animal crackers?

No cause each animal shape is made of that animal


OZoNE Answered:
Crackers are generally not made of dead animal parts, so I would say so.

Over Me Yet Answered:
show me an animal cracker that has meat in it…it sounds delicious

cb19 Answered:
Not if you're Catholic, then you go to hell for worshiping idols.

Smells like New Screen Names Answered:
yes, animal crackers have no meat in them last time i checked

jakeNbake Answered:
of coarse you can! a true vegetarian would know that they eat anything as long as it wasn't living like chicken for example, vegetarians wouldn't eat it. an animal cracker was not living there for a vegetarian would eat them.

Duncan Goodrich Answered:
only on a sunday.

friendofchip Answered:
Only in the dark – so you can't see which animal you're eating.
Eat them quickly – otherwise they will eat you!

wetspeedos Answered:
Yes of course you can! even though animal crackers are shaped like an animal it doesnt mean you cant enjoy them. you see vegetarian is someone who doesnt eat meat. well as you may know animal crackers do not contain meat in them

Hayley Answered:
Yes, you can..

Joy Answered:
I /think/ animal crackers contain eggs, so if that's not a part of your diet, then no. Double-check the ingredients to be sure. If so, it's used as an emulsifier.If not, then go ahead. It'd be like eating a veggie that happened to look like a person.

Kai Answered:
No you animal cracker killer!You know when no one is in the room they run around and play together.Then you just come along and eat them?That's heartless

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