I smell like bacon, why don’t more guys hit on me?

Liberty SuperFly Asked: I smell like bacon, why don’t more guys hit on me?

And why hasn't my line of bacon scented soaps and candles made me rich beyond my wildest dreams?


If you're a vegetarian please move along to a question about how to make your leg hair grow faster or where to find the blandest tofu recipes known to man or whatever it is commievaginas like to talk about.

Thanks bunches 🙂


Sue Whee Answered:
Maybe they think you're a pig.

Stephen Urkell Answered:
*sniff sniff

Cali4Life Answered:
Bacon don't bring men it brings dogs

Dick Answered:
they must be either Jewish or crazy.

Jade Marie Answered:
Girl bye

snowriver Answered:
Maybe they don't like bacon, maybe it reminds them of PIGS….

Osama Bin Laden Answered:
lol, people live bacon so do guys

Mr Tambourine Man Answered:
dudette!! get off of here, your Fried!!

Malificent Solitude Answered:
Try using something that smells like something else and not bacon, maybe more guys will hit on you.

Gregory Answered:
Probably bcuz men wants to eat bacon not date'em.

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