I need to stand up to my dad about being a pescaterian.?

Erin Asked: I need to stand up to my dad about being a pescaterian.?

My mom doesn't like me being a pecsaterian (a vegetarian but i eat fish) but she accepted it and will let me be one. I'm 15 and I love animals and don't support the way animals are treated in slaughterer houses so I became a pescaterian. My dad on the other hand is still making me eat meat. He thinks that vegetarians are unhealthy and need a certain amount of fat in their diets but they don't get it. I tell him that there are perfectly healthy kids who are vegaterians and he says "They seem that way but really they are anemic or have other defitioncies." He says that I am too young to make that kind of decition and I can be one once I'm an adult and done growing but I have gained weight as a pescaterian (5 pounds!).I've been one for about 2 months I've found lots of foods with protein. Please help how do I stand up to my dad?


Bubble cake 4404 Answered:
Tell him that its your decision weather or not to be that way… Im not but i would stand up to him and say " Dad Im sorry but i will not eat meat, i find it cruel to animals" and see what he says

sweetpea Answered:
Go online or get a book at the library about being a pescaterian.Use the information to show him how you can still get the protein and vitamins you need with other food instead of meat.(Like getting protein from peanut butter.)If that doesn't work, try a compromise.Keep your diet, but take vitamin supplements too.This may put your dad at ease when he sees that you won't be malnourished.Also let him know that you actually gained weight when you changed.Good luck!

Peetr Peetr Answered:
You mean how do you do the wrong thing even though dad is right?It's typical for kids your age to end up with nutritional deficiencies because eating healthy and vegetarian requires some attention.
Why don't you just keep up learning how to eat healthy and go from there?
Good health is a balance of a lot of things, not just protein.

chez fez D Answered:
egg white is highly proteinous in nature, so prefer that

Helen Joseph Answered:
I prefer White egg.

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