I feel very weak and sick, numbness in my arms and chest?

Prizm Asked: I feel very weak and sick, numbness in my arms and chest?

I have anxiety and lately I've been having really strong panic attacks every day at multiple times. I am on Xanax but lately I've been feeling very faint and weak and my arms and body feel numb. I feel a pressure in the bottom of my throat and I'm having troubles taking fulfilling breaths of air. I have random, sudden pains in my head and sometimes my chest is numb.
I am scheduling an appointment on Monday (since it's the weekend), but should I be worried right now? I'm 17 on BC and Xanax, vegetarian, female, healthy body weight.


Dusty Kline Answered:
I've gone down a similar route, and I feel very much for you. I'm sorry, it does affect people's lives.

But, I think things can be done first without medication. Medication may help right away, but there are many long-term effects, and anyone not wanting to put you on meds probably knows it's because the meds may end up doing more harm later on. After medication, you feel fine, but the body will end up having attacks anyway, they will just be more set at a certain time.

My suggestion would be that you trust this doctor, or that you find someone you will trust more.. Honestly, there are many doctors (in my experience, it has been mostly women doctors), who are very quick to diagnose and put people on meds. I don't agree with this.

Try to sleep well, no alcohol, drugs, sugar (cereal)caffeine coffee, green or black tea, chocolate)/overly processed carbs/ketchup/tomato sauce, or things high in sugar. Don't be overly strict, and try to mix things in. But avoid any of these things before 3pm. It's better to get at least 8 hours for most people, and every hour you sleep before midnight is better. So, if you sleep after 2am but get 8 hours of sleep, it's not as good as if you sleep by 10 pm.

Diet is very important as well. Ive found I feel best when I eat fresh, more veggies, and drink water. Good fats are important as well, such as those found in nuts (not drenched in salt and sugar though-roasted or raw are better), avocadoes, fish (sardines, tuna, salmon) and grass fed beef. Omega 3 is very good for the brain (I take 2 caplets from Natures Blend), it can be found as caplets, in flax-seed oil, and cod liver oil.

A spiritual advisor would also help if you are religious, or spiritual.

The most important thing will be for you to get exercise. You need endorphins and the blood flowing to balance out your nerves. Yoga and swimming have helped me greatly. Even if you stretch, jump rope, or take walks along the beach or in nature (be sure you are safe and take someone along (to share the fun with too!) any of these help.

To get to the bottom of any triggers you have in your environment, please don't hesitate to be as honest and clear about things with your therapist. Sometimes, when you have to make decisions, or start to come of age, people get especially stressed. It's good to try to be around people your age, and be social as well, so you know what is normal, and what others go through as well so you don't feel alone. And, so you just have fun, and not so stressed out!

Best of luck to you, feel free to contact me if you need anything.

By the way, I also went to traditional doctors but found a homeopathic one to be more helpful, although most doctors just laugh at them. The process is slower, but there are fewer side effects. I would look for a good one. They can be pricey, but perhaps your family can pitch in until you have a career or a full time job.

Don't worry, you can get over this either way. Just trust in the people who want to help you. I looked into everything, even the music I had been listening to I felt affected me.

Also, meditation breathing exercise helped a lot with the anxiety attacks. At first, I didn't believe in it, but I tried it without really giving it much thought, and my heart rate calmed down after about a week. I did it at night, and in the morning, and you can do them wherever you are too.

It's usually a step by step process, so be patient with yourself as you get well.

RachelEmily Answered:
There are tons of great recipes out there, my favorite site is theppk.com and that is The Post Punk Kitchen, run by my favorite vegan authors! The easiest thing to do is when cooking dinner, just substitute the meat part for a veggie, grain, soy product, etc.
You can always do easy stuff like stir fry, lasagna, veggie burgers, burritos, mac and cheese, or take their favorite meat meals and substitute veggies!

Lynn Answered:
Try feeding your kid the same food you eat for starters.

Ryan Answered:
vegetarian lasagne is something nice to eat… veggie burger…. substitute meat with stuffed mushrooms(?) .. stuffed roasted bell peppers … a rich bean chilli…veggie/lentil soups… the skys the limit =) just like you would prepare her meat dinners make them fun and child friendly or just eat them with her. Good luck

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