How to quit my job after 2 days?

Larissa Asked: How to quit my job after 2 days?

Well I got this job at a farmers market. I thought I would really like it. Well it turns out they are making me work in the deli. I get severly sick when it comes to cheese. I am also a vegetarian so I cannot live with myself slicing meat. Everyone says just wait you will end up liking it. Well I wont. I know I wont. I came home and puked because I smell like ham. I got off of work at 3 today. I go in again tomorrow at 8:30. How do I quit? Do I call tonight or tomorrow?
I want to tell my Boss's wife who also works there. Because the actual boss is a HUGE jerk. Help?


Just quit… cracker.

Feivel Answered:
It is your life. You owe them nothing except the work you are paid to do. They owe you only for the work you do. Simply say "this job is not for me but thank you for the opportunity. Smile and leave.

Elizabeth Answered:
try explaining to your boss that you are a vegetarian and get sick when it comes to cheese. or ask them if they can give you another task to do at the market instead of at the deli.

Meghan Answered:
I'd speak with them about transferring to a different department.Tell them that you are a vegetarian, and the deli goes against your personal beliefs.That is not the position you were told you were brought in for.In addition, you become ill around cheese (allergy? Lactose intolerance?) and working in the deli is damaging to your health.

I'd call tonight and tell them that the position is not one you can continue.Can they move you to another position, or have them terminate your employment.

Grace Answered:
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Math Nichols Answered:
Tell the manger sorry is not working out and leave. not your fault

just tell them the truth

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