How much weight will I gain from eating Nutella?

Asked: How much weight will I gain from eating Nutella?

Usually I just eat it on toast or have a single tablespoon. I don't think I have gained any weight. I am about to be 14 years old and currently I am 5'5 and I weigh something around 109 or 112 pounds (the 109 was on an empty stomach and 112 was after eating a big dinner and it was measured on the same scale). As the summer comes up I am outside already a lot more and have been walking at least on the weekends (I am planning on doing it more often) and for 15-20 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once again I do not eat Nutella as often as some do (srsly I read that some guy ate like 2 jars in one day. wtf) but today I was bored and their wasn't much for snacks. No fruit or grab-able veggies or anything (and I drank a smoothie thing that had like 5 servings of fruit in it anyways). Also I have a good metabolism I used to eat tons of junk and never gain weight (I don't do that now and I am a vegetarian so I don't even know if my metabolism is as good but it's still good I never go on diets or anything). Will I gain weight from this?


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