How do I get rid of this fear (Anxiety)?

Asked: How do I get rid of this fear (Anxiety)?

Yes, I am posting this in two sections. I just want as much help as I can right now!

I have bad Anxiety, and I always have silly little fears that usually end up going away after a while, but I have this one fear… get ready for it… of getting an eating disorder. I've seen how an eating disorder can ruin one's life since one of my family members has one, and I guess I'm just scared of my life being ruined by one as well. I eat normally and everything, so I know I don't have one. I do want to eat clean and healthy and start working out (full vegetarian diet) for health reasons, and I'm afraid that will lead to a disorder! Whenever I hear about an eating disorder on TV, I get an uneasy feeling and think about how "I may have one." Any advice on what to do? Thank you!!!!!


Just try your best not to feel anxious

My mom has the same thing but she went to the doctor and got some medicine that helps her and now she barely gets nervous:)

Dont think about it

Try something and you will see even if you aren't a Christian but being a believer will make it stronger,the next hurtful thought say "in the name of Jesus I circumcise any ungodly thought"then when that works learn spiritual warfare and bind evil powers with the Angelic powers Jesus gives to us all,especially Christians.God bless you
Jesus can and will help.

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