How do I disguise the smell of a dead body?

monster pockets Asked: How do I disguise the smell of a dead body?

So there's been a weird smell coming from the inside of our front door for…. about a day or two, and after cleaning and stuff, it's not gotten any better. If anything, it's worse. We had a mouse situation a wee while ago, so I'm 85% convinced it's a dead mouse, cos it only a square foot or two that's getting funky, and it's coming from beneath the floorboards.

My landlady is out the country for a month, and I have no way of getting the floorboards up to dispose of it properly. To make matters even better my flatmate is returning from a week away, and her bedroom is right next to the same hotspot. I popped in her room and everything smells fine in there, but I'd rather do something to mask the smell (i'm somewhat more conscious cos she's a vegetarian). It reeks.

Does anyone know of any way I can disguise the smell until my landlady gets in touch with me? I dont know how long that will be….I've used deodorant, febreeze and that turned the heating off in case it's lying on a pipe, but it's still there, and smells effing grim.

Any home remedies to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


Mariana Prince Answered:
Bleach, amonia

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