How do I attract an Emo/Scene >STYLE< girl?

Mrbloweverythingup Asked: How do I attract an Emo/Scene >STYLE< girl?

There's this girl at school I REALLY like and I actually changed the way I look and act (personality) and my whole lifestyle (eating etc – she turned me slightly vegetarian lol) to get her attention. That worked but I can't go any further because I don't want to freak her out. She seems to be the only person I'm interested in this point of my life but I'm NOT obsessing over her.

I seem to be having trouble the whole part of knowing if she likes me back or if she's interested in my friend (who acts like an *** hole now – sorry for language)
She and I share the same interests (bands/music, foods,appearances – she didn't get me into that stuff… I was like that before her) but I don't know about the feelings. I just want to know if she likes me and let her know I like her but not so bluntly.

How would I go about it?

p.s She's not emo she just likes the style


Shannon Answered:
Just smile and wave

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