How can I lose 8 kilograms in 2 months?

Rebecca Asked: How can I lose 8 kilograms in 2 months?

I am 161cm tall and weigh 54 kilograms, I would like to be about 46 kilograms so I can look good for my ball in 2 months. I am a vegetarian (which includes no pork, chicken, fish etc). I don't do much exercise but I don't eat much either. I do play badminton once a week and train once a week, so 1 hour or 1 and a half hours playing moderate badminton. Is there any form of diet plan that I could follow to lose these pesky 8 kilograms?
Please, I don't want anyone to comment on it's no 'healthy' or stuff like that. This is my lifestyle choice and I want to look like this.


Im in here Answered:
If you feel that you that you want to lose weight because you are conscieous about it then read (1) and then (2) if you are overweight. But if you want to lose weight for another reason then read (2).

(1)It depends on your body mass, gender and your height. First what you should do is calculate your bmi using this:
and if you find that your bmi is above or below then maybe should act accordingly to that.

(2)If you want to lose weight normally then you just need to exercise a lot and eat less fatty foods such as crisps, chips and fizzy drinks that have a lot calories and sugar. These are the main causes of weight gain so if you eat and drink less of them you should notice a change in your weight. Another step is to exercise more. This might sound very cliche but the more exercise you do, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose. This also means that you exercise your heart to make it work more efficiently and healthier. The best sort of exercise to do to lose a lot of fat is to swim as it takes more energy to move in water than in air. You should also eat more fruit and vegetables and also proteins. Drinking water is also a good choice, as it means that the kidneys will be working better and will allow the liver to work more efficiently at changing fat into energy.

Basically, to lose weight you should just drink as much water as possible and also reducing the amount of fat, dairy and sugary foods you eat and of course exercising, particularly swimming. These options are as healthy as it gets

Good Luck 🙂

Dimi Fol Answered:
It is possible to lose 8 kilograms in 2 months if you have the willpower, and you can eat fitfully all the time.

Firstly you allow yourself one day a week to eat anything you want. So the pain of watching your food intake is not utterly relentless, you have that one day in seven to look forward to when you can cut lose and head straight to Kentucky Fried for breakfast if you wish. This should also be the day that you allow yourself a few alcoholic drinks, and then a few more, if you so desire.

Andrei Joseph Answered:
Well, you can device a diet plan that would suit your lifestyle. Also, you have to work out harder.

Asker Dude Answered:
No one has mentioned resistance training, so here goes.
Muscle burns calories (kilojoules if you prefer).
Not just while you are exercising, but all the time. The muscles that you currently have are burning energy while you watch TV, sleep, or exercise, work, go to school etc.
I suggest that you can do a leeetle muscle building without altering your appearance much, and it can improve your stance, improve your energy and improve your overall health.
To lose weight you should be reducing carbs anyway, why not upgrade the amount of protein you are getting at the same time? (yes that will be hard for a Vegetarian but can be done)
And you don't have to starve to do it – in my experience ''Eat right and lose weight'' works a LOT better than ''Don't eat and lose weight''.
I bet that if you did some squats for instance, all your old clothes would fit better, your badminton would improve and no-one could tell you had gained muscle.

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