Hello! Answer my survey :)?

Asked: Hello! Answer my survey :)?

Hi. If you dont know me (or anything) I am SG (survey girl). heres a quick and small introduction. All the questions I will be posting here are going to be mostly surveys. I will TRY to post one every day. I will be doing special themed ones on holidays. ( maybe) I will try my best for special themed ones. And if I am too busy I wont do a survey that day. And will also TRY to make up for it. I will TRY MY BEST to do all of this. Okay, that's it. So, lets get started!! 😀
1. What so you prefer? Apple OR oranges? Oranges. They taste better, and juicy.
2. What do you prefer? Tv OR book? Both are okay.
3. Radio OR ipod? OR other? Ipod i can pick the song.
4 Brownjes OR chocolate chip cookies OR other? Omg i love both!!! : D
5. What colur is your bedroom? Grey, currently 🙁
6. Fill in the blank. I have a problem with ________. Bugs.
7. What scared you as a kid? Little tiny rollercoasters… Lol!
8. Whats worse, no tv or no music. This is hard, this is hard!! I cant answer this.
9. Birthday? Feb 4.
10. Meat eater OR vegetarian? Meat eater not a lot though very little.
11. Do you make your bed every morning? Yes.
12. Store bought gifts OR homemade? Well sometimes I do homemade but store boughts okay too.
13.What do you prefer? Wake up early or stay up late?I like both.
14. Any advice for a 5 year old? Study hard
LAST QUESTION: i dont understand ______ why we can be so selfish sometimes.
Sorry i only have 15 questions today, since I am kind of busy! So, i will pick the best answer like very late today!! – SG .


huh? i stopped at Hi.

SG stands for Shooting Guard not Survey Girl gtfo

One question, why are all your questions answered? Lmao.

1. Oranges
2. TV
3. Radio
4. CCC
5. Light Blue
6. Bugs
7. The dark
8. no music
9. Oct. 16
10. Meat eater
11. No
12. Store bought gifts
13. Wake up early
14. Have fun
15. Why we have to go school

1 Apples-dip them in caramel
2 book-you can imagine
3 radio-you can here new songs
4chocolate chip cookies- yummy chocolate
5 all sorts of colors
6 bugs
7 a lot of stuff
8 no music
9 April 7th
10 meat eater
11 No
12 both
13 both
14 Be good!!
15 why people can be mean


1. I like both, but prefer apples
2. Both are ok,but I prefer book
3. Radio.
4. I like both, but preference is chocolate chip cookies.
5. cream of mushroom soup
7. big things
8. both are bad, but worse is no tv.
9. August 9
10. I'm both in some ways, but I eat meat- but I'm peticular.
11. Yes
12. Depends. But if I can make something, I'd prefer to give home made
13. wake up early
14. Study and concentrate. Then read.
15. exactly
16. meringue pies

1. Apples- don't like oranges. 😛
2. TV- don't like reading.
3. iPod- you can do other things on it, too.
4. Hard one, but I would have to say brownies, haha.
5. Purple(:
7. The weather man… I don't know, he was creepy.
8. Too hard XD
9. June 27th
10. Meat eater, though I don't like meat that much, really.
11. No. XD
12. Store bought and homemade. I would say I like to GIVE store bought gifts but like to get homemade stuff. XD
14. Stay in school, kids!
15. Why we aren't paid to do homework. It's called homeWORK. Not homefree.

1. Apples
2. Tv
3. iPod
4. Chocolate chip cookies! 🙂
5. White……..
6. Idk 😛
7. The dark!
8. No music!!! 🙁
9. July 9th.
10. Meat eater??
11. Nahhhh
12. Store bought
14. None.
15. ? Whaaattttttt? 😛

1. Apples. They're better for waking me up in the morning.
2. Books. I love using my imagination.
3.Ipod. You don't have to worry about static sounds.
4.Brownies with chocolate chips. Yum!
5.White. Blank White…
6.I have a problem with narrow-minded people.
7. My first grade teacher
8.No tv. I love my Saturday night anime!!
9. May 6. Same birthday as Tony Blair, I think…
10.Meat eater, although I only will eat poultry or fish.
11. Eh, not always
12. Homemade. It makes you fully appreciate how hard they worked to make it for you 😀
13. Stay up late. I hate mornings…
14. Don't pick your nose. It saves you some gagging when you learn about mucus in health class…
Last one: I don't understand Calculus… It sucks and fries my brain!!

1. I agree with you! Oranges are better 🙂

2. TV… Books are ok!

3.My phone (I've got A LOT of music on it) and I can also pick what I want to listen too!

4. Wow this is a HARD one…. BUT nothing beats a nice warm brownie with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream 🙂

5. White (ugh)

6. Bugs? At the time we have a bunch of red and black bugs that like to hang out on our porch.. No clue what they are but I don't like them!

7. Spiders (still am)

8. Without music there would be no TV (every show has theme music)

9.October 12th 1984

10. Meat eater (want to be a vegetarian but prices are too high)

11. Nope

12. Store bought is nice but homemade comes from the heart.

13. Stay up late 🙂

14. Advice for a 5 year old? No matter where you are, what your doing always know mommy loves you!!!!

15. I don't understand why cramps got too hurt so much 🙁

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