Healthy Asian recipies?

Asked: Healthy Asian recipies?

Vegetarian ones please! I heard from some teachers at my school who went to China that they eat tons of vegetables and have healthier diets than Americans. I've been looking for healthier foods to start eating and try, so I figure I should try some Asian foods.


quorn sausages and mince are nice. pumpkin soup with coconut milk or coconut flakes, or some form of coconut flavouring is nice. lentil soup is nice. there's pizza. pasta with basil and some other vegetables are nice. You could just follow a curry recipe but don't add the meat, that'd be nice. Do you want to avoid shelfish? I can't imagine why, they might as well be brainless. you could make a thai prawn curry. If not then, like i said, just make the curry without the prawns. Why do you want to be a vegetarian?

There is nothing physically addicting in meat.If you truely don't want to eat it, there should be no issues.

I personally enjoy cilantro lime rice and black bean burritos A LOT.With cheese, guacamole and salsa.Also, a combination of stir fried veggies (usually mushrooms, zucchini, green onion and snow peas) stir fried with egg fried rice.Or stir fried veggies cooked with a lot of chili oil and served over rice.Jasmine rice is the best.

Not sure.I'm not a vegetarian.

Okay, so I suggest you transition into being a Vegetarian, that's what i did. Each week i suggest you to eat less and less meat, this way, you will psychologically start adapting to being a vegetarian, and your body will start adapting to having less meat. The first thing you have to think about it your health. When going vegetarian, you have to continue to consume the same amount of nutrients you were previously getting out of meat. Most vegetarians usually have protein deficiencies. Other vegeterian friendly sources with high protein levels include eggs (If you aren't going vegan), mushrooms, tofu etc. You can also take protein pills which will obviously give you the necessary protein, but i recommend trying to get your protein from food. A lot of new vegetarians are more prone to getting sick because of these deficiencies. So the first step, is to remove all meat products from our household and fill it with all vegetarian friendly food. This will take away any temptations you have. A good way to eliminate the desire for meat as a vegetarian, is to eat meat substitutes. I eat a chicken substitute almost everyday, and it seriously takes amazing, very similar to chicken. And the positive thing about chicken substitutes as well, is that they're basically made out of soy beans, which is also a rich source of protein. There are so many great tasting vegetarian dishes out there, but some of my personal favourites are vegetarian lasagne and stir fry with substitute chicken. With your question about animal fats… A lot of people claim that ice cream is made out of pig fats, which is generally not true. The majority of ice creams these days, Will not contain any animal fat. The only ones that might, is small brand ice-creams, which is still highly unlikely. Another thing to probably avoid is jelly, as it contains gelatine, which is produced from animal fat. Another thing i recommend you being careful with is some packaged flavouring products. A lot of products will have a certain meat flavouring, which will usually not contain any animal fat/meat in it, but sometimes can. A lot of vegetarians try to avoid products like this completing. Now, whilst finishing this long answer, i just recommend you to think about your change in diet. Though you will feel great about it, it does put a strain on your body. You really need to be confident about your decision, or else you might not be totally sure about it. Usually a person will go vego for one of the two reasons; a) they hate the taste of meat and it won't affect them going vego, or, b) they hate the slaughter of animals/animal cruelty, and what the consumption of meat does to the environment, so they stop eating it completely. I stopped eating meat because of b) and i wasn't completing fond of meat in the first place. I would recommend you to be 100% sure about being vego before you do it. Good luck

Good. Nice one.
Eating vegetarian food is really easy, very much cheaper, and even if you MUST have burgers and hot dogs, you can get LInda McCartney's or some other brand to satisfy that idea.

Legumes- chickpeas ( chickpea curry), lentils ( amazing lentil burgers), black beans ( have you had black bean and corn salsa?), fava beans (roasted in skins as good as baked potatoes) etc- these legumes are so good and tasty. You can bake them with cheese and herbs, or make patties and burgers out of them.
Look to Indian food for loads of good uses.

This is a real Indian amma making food in her kitchen. All Indian- even the western dishes!

Look for tofu and other soybean products. I personally love tofu so much I could die. Fresh tofu is amazing. It tastes beany, slightlyfragrant of the earthy rich soybeans and is a lovely mild flavour. DO not believe anyone who says it tastes of nothing- they just haven't had good fresh tofu. Try to get as good quality as possible and don't eat it too cold. It is best in my opinion just plain,, not stewed and simmered to death. You can eat it from the packet, no need to cook.
It is amazing in a curry, those clean fresh white chunks of tofu and that yellow creamy curry. Good thing is, you can put tofu in any place you used to put meat.
Try a green pea, tofu and chickpea curry.
Also a tofu spicey broth with noodles and stir fry beans, carrots and shredded cabbage.
I get fresh tofu which isn't the white plastic tub kind- it's made fresh and comes in a block like fresh white bread. There is nothing better. I like eating it sliced thick, just a bit of soysauce. That's it.

YOu can use tofu in anything- spaghetti, the pasta bake ( though it gets lost in that bland pasta taste), you can fry the slices after dredging them in breadcrumbs so you get breaded tofu steaks. This is a really good way to eat it- the inside is soft and creamy.

Quorn is really good. I used to eat it all the time, but don't now, it's got milk or something in it. You can make quorn fillets like chicken fillets- any way you like. I would try the pasta thing with quorn.

THere are gluten steaks, and gluten "meats" you can buy in any good Asian shop. Find a china town place and look for a canned product called "Mock Duck", or "Mock Chicken". It is a vegetarian food made for monks in Thailand. I LOVE this stuff and all good shops sell it.

Processed crap like noodles in boxes and packets , soups, frozen foods, stuff that isn't fresh and natural- they often have chicken and beef fat.

And if you get temptations- I would recommend eating chips with loads of ketchup and salt and fat. It's usually the salt and fat you need, plus a few drops of soysauce on the chips gives you the umami taste.
OR buy a load of vegetarian burgers. The Morningstar brand is really really good but if you're in UK< I think Linda McCartney ir something?

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