Girls.. help me!!!!!!!!!!!?

Mylungsfailed Asked: Girls.. help me!!!!!!!!!!!?

I like this beautiful, smart and awesome girl that I met through Fencing. Since I've met her two years ago, I've mentored her, and I've helped her asses her skills, aswell as develop a very good friendship with her. She and I have flirted quite a bit, and she's very playful around me. Since I'm a national level athlete, I think it naturally impresses her (also the fact that I've been a mentor) and makes her think that I'm very confident/a alpha male figure.

We have so much in common, she's a vegetarian and I'm a vegan. Our favorite band is A Day To Remember, we both play music (and she fences, aww yeah :P). She said she thought I was attractive, and that she wants to get to know me more.

When I told her I just transferred to her high school ( oh I'm 16 and she's 17, fyi.), she was super happy about it (I just recently told her over Facebook). She seems really into me.

I remember last summer coming back in September when we first saw each other, we had a long talk and I looked in her eyes and I said "I missed you" and she replied "I missed you, too" and she complimented my looks :P.. Had we been truly alone that moment, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have kissed her.

She also said that she loves the french language and french guys (I'm french, my mother is quebecoise.) and I have offered her

Of course, you're saying "Why haven't you asked her out yet, dumbshit?". She's had a boyfriend since April 2010. And we've only been able to see each other once a week (before this whole school thing which will start in September..). So that's why I'm confused as to if she likes me. She's letting off huge signs that she's into me, but she has a boyfriend.. I'm really excited to see her every day now, but it hurts sometimes that she's with another, y'know?

So I don't want to be an *** and hit on her all the time… But I can't help but feel like this.

(Ps.. She also said she really wants to get to know me)

So, does she like me? Should I tell her… And what's the best possible route for me to get her in my arms?


liah Answered:
shes taken find someone else

DontStoptheParty Answered:
Invite her somewhere casually, like over facebook. To eat with you and some friends, or bowling.
idk. Take your time with her.

PieFace Answered:
Honey, either this girl is playing you or she's cheating. You should note how she acts around her boyfriend and how she acts around you. When she talks to you, does she have a certain look in her eyes or is she looking to flirtacious? If you have feelings for her, talk to her. Tell her and if she responds she does too, she's not lying. If you feel this much for her, you don't like her.

You're in love with her.

Skylar Brooke Answered:
Just kiss her!! Who cares about the boyfriend if she likes u shell dump him

msb19 Answered:
tell her you like a LOT. tell her you understand if she doesnt like you back because she has a boyfriend, and then look all shy and stuff. then kiss her and the cheek or something and walk away. DO NOT STAY because then you could see if she followed you. if she breaks up with her boyfriend soon after thats a really good sign.

Sunbeambeauty Answered:
Sounds like she likes you. She's being flirty with you but I don't think you should try to chase her while she is with this other guy. The odds are they won't last forever and when he's gone you can slide in but right now just keep doing what your doing she seems to like it.

Ashley Taylor Answered:
ask her how her bf/gf thing is going! if she says negative things then she will probably break up with him. if its positive then sorry bro, i dont think you have a chance:/

3Hecca3 Answered:
Hecca says: I was in the same situation, except as a girl going after a guy with a girlfriend and it ended badly for me because I kept hooking up with the guy, it really bothered me that I was okay with being apart of him being unfaithful and it's no fun to feel guilty. I say, if you really like her, keep her in your sights, but don't do anything stupid like kiss her and such.

Bolly says: I currently have a situation like this, but it reflects that of the girl you're chasing! You should leave her alone until she's single. DO NOT TELL HER YOU REALLY LIKE HER! It will make things complicated and you'll feel guilty for stealing her from a guy, especially since they've been together for so long.

Hecca: It does sound like she likes you, but she may just be a flirty whore. Tread carefully, and good luck!

Kari Answered:
Well, I wouldn't doubt it if she likes you, but the fact that she's taken is crossing the boundaries. Since you have OBVIOUS signs that would show mutual interest, I would talk to her and tell her how you feel. You really need to let her know that if she would be interested in you, like she seems..she either needs to cut it off with her boyfriend, or stop messing with you, because you don't deserve to have someone stringing you along. It hurts.

mikelyt78 Answered:
Let her know that you really like her. And ask if her feelings for you are the same. If she still insists on being with her current boyfriend, then there's no point for you to harp on the matter.

Honesty is the best policy!
That's how I'm happily married with a kid on the way 🙂

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