Fresh Take : How to Make a Portobello Mushroom Cheeseburger

Eco-friendly cookbook author and caterer Louisa Shafia makes a flavorful marinated veggie burger out of portobello mushroom caps, then cooks it up for summertime flavor. Topped with blue cheese and watercress, this is a burger so good you won't miss the meat. Expert: Louisa Shafia Bio: Louisa Shafia is an award-winning cookbook author and caterer focused on sustainable, eco-friendly cuisine. Filmmaker: Ian Sewall Series Description: Cookbook author and caterer Louisa Shafia shows it's easy to go green with favorite dishes that are nutritious, sustainable and easy to make. "I like to use a small amount of protein or grains with an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits," Shafia says about her produce-centered cooking. "It's tasty while being easy on the body."